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Degree Type: Certificate
College(s): College of Business

Why Choose Retailing?

If you are interested in a dynamic, fast-moving career with potential for early responsibility and advancement, a retailing certificate will provide you with a route to success by providing you with skills in the following:

  • Merchandise buying for profitability
  • Inventory management
  • Understanding buyer behavior in order to meet customer needs

    You will be exposed to a powerful set of concepts that will serve you, not just in a retailing career pathway, but in any business field you choose that requires serving customers and successfully meeting corporate goals.

  • Career Opportunities

    By itself the Retail Certificate provides students with the industry-specific skills to support careers in merchandising, store operations, or independent shop ownership. Taken as part of a four-year degree program, students with this certificate also qualify for executive training, buyer or management development programs with major retail chains.


    Admission Requirements

    Any person admitted to a Ferris State University degree program may enroll in courses for undergraduate COB certificates. No more than 50% of the credits in a certificate may be transferred from another institution. If a student is in a FSU degree-seeking program, the certificate will not be granted if more than 50% of the certificate credits are required in the program/major. 

    Individuals wanting to advance their career, but not admitted to an FSU degree program, may also earn undergraduate COB certificates.

    Admission process for individuals seeking only a certificate: 

    • Unless it is determined by the COB Dean’s Office that regular program admission criteria should be met in order to complete the certificate successfully and be a contributing member of the course, applicants need only show proof of a 2.35 high school GPA. An advisor will be assigned by the College of Business in the certificate program.
    • Students wishing to pursue a bachelor or associate’s degree must meet the admission criteria for the program. This criteria review is initiated when the “Program Change Form” request is processed through the COB Dean’s Office.

    Any mitigating circumstances will be considered on an individual basis by the College of Business Dean’s Office. 


    Graduation Requirements

    You will receive the Retailing Certificate after completion of the requirements with a minimum 2.0 grade point average.

    No more than 50% of the credits in this certificate may be transferred from another institution, nor will the certificate be granted if more than 50% of the certificate credits are specifically required in the students major.

    More Information

    Marketing Department
    119 South Street, Business 212
    Big Rapids, MI 49307-2284
    phone: 231-591-2426

    Required Courses
    Credit Hours
    Small Business Management
    Principles of Retailing
    Retail Merchandising
    Retail Management
    Minimum credit hours required for certificate: