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Restaurant and Food Industry Management

Degree Type: Associate in Applied Science
College(s): College of Business

Why Choose Restaurant & Food Industry Management?

Established in 1963, the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Restaurant and Food Industry Management (RFIM) was one of the first in the state and is unique in being part of the College of Business. The RFIM degree prepares students for mid-level management positions in the exciting, fast-paced, and ever-changing environment of the food industry.

The curriculum encompasses all aspects of food production and customer service from a business prospective with particular emphasis on fiscal responsibility, leadership functions, and regulatory compliance.  The curriculum balances theory and practice by providing students ample opportunities to employ what they are learning in the classroom with hands-on experience and real-life application. Throughout their studies, students will have the opportunity to earn nationally recognized certifications, such as ServSafe, First Aid/CPR, and TIPS, as a part of their required courses. Additionally, students are required to complete at least one 400 hour internship, for which they are paid.

Students wishing to continue their education may easily ladder into the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Hospitality Management with Food & Beverage Management Concentration.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Restaurant and Food Industry Management degree, with its business emphasis, are prepared to pursue careers within the food & beverage industry at the managerial level in a variety of different types of operations. 

Admission Requirements

New Students SAT Scores:

  • 2.5 High School GPA (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Two of the Three Criteria:   
  1. SAT ERW score of 450 or higher
  2. SAT Math score of 500 or higher.  Placement in MATH 109/110 will be considered (SAT MATH score of 480 or higher).
  3. SAT Composite of 900 or higher

New Students ACT Scores:

  • 2.5 High School GPA (on a 4.0 scale)
  • Two of the Three Criteria:
  1. ACT English score of 16 or higher
  2. ACT Math score of 19 or higher
  3. ACT Reading score of 19 or higher

Transfer Students: 

  • Combined college or university GPA of 2.35 (on a 4.0 scale) from all institutions attended.  GPA based on completion of 12 credit hours or more.  Developmental courses will not be considered in computing the GPA requirement.
  • Transfer equivalency for FSU ENGL 150 or placement during the first semester at FSU which would require an ACT English score of 16 or higher; or SAT ERW score of 450 or higher; or Accuplacer English score of 6 or higher. 
  • Transfer equivalency for FSU MATH 114/115 or placement during the first semester at FSU which would require an ACT MATH score of 19 or higher; SAT MATH of 500 or higher; or Accuplacer Math scores:  Elementary Algebra score 75 or higher and College Level Math 0-49.

Exceptions for New and Transfer Students:

Applicants not meeting the above criteria MAY be considered for an approved Associates Degree if:

  • High School GPA of 2.35 or higher
  • Math ACT score of 16/SAT Math 430 and additional high school algebra
  • ACT Reading score of 16 and ACT English score of 14 or a comparable SAT ERW score to be determined.
  • SAT Composite score of 860 or ACT composite score of 15.

Any mitigating circumstances will be considered on an individual basis by the College of Business Dean’s Office/SAA.

More Information:

Additional guidance can be found on the College of Business Webpage under the Admissions tab.

General Education Requirements

All University General Education requirements can be found here:

Please consult this link for a complete listing of General Education Electives:

Consult the official checksheet or program advisor for program specific General Education requirements.

Graduation Requirements

  • Maintain a 2.00 cumulative GPA in all FSU courses.
  • Have 15 credits of FSU Classes (FSU Residency requirement).
  • Have a minimum 60 total credits to earn an associate degree.
  • Must maintain a 2.00 GPA in major courses.

NOTICE: Students who return to the university after an interrupted enrollment (not including summer semester) must normally meet the requirements of the curriculum, which are in effect at the time of their return, not the requirements which were in effect when they were originally admitted.

More Information

Hospitality Programs
1319 Cramer Circle/WCO 106
Big Rapids, MI 49307
Phone: (231) 591-2382


Required Courses
Credit Hours

Restaurant & Food Industry Management - 61 Credits

Required Business Courses - 9 Credits
Princ. of Financial Accounting
Applied Management
Human Resource Management
Major Courses - 18 Credits
Sanitation and Safety
Bar & Beverage Management
Purchasing for F&B Operations
Hospitality Cost Controls
HSMG Internship I
1 TO 3
Food and Beverage Ops Mgt
Major Elective Courses - 9 Credits
Choose Three:
Principles of Food Science
Menu Planning and Nutrition
Principles of Cooking & Baking
Intl Cuisine & Culture
Industry Exploration
Dining Room Management
Guest Service Management

University General Education

Communication Competence
English 1
Choose One:
Interpersonal Communication
Fundamentals-Public Speaking
Choose One:
Industrial and Career Writing
English 2
Scientific Understanding
Lab Science Elective
Quantitative Skills
Choose One:
Quantitative Reason for Pro 2
Intermediate Algebra
(If MATH ACT is 24 or higher, substitute a general education elective OR CLEP)
Cultural Enrichmen
Social Awareness
Principles of Macroeconomics
General Education Electives
Minimum credit hours required for A.A.S. degree: