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General Studies

Degree Type: Associate in Arts
College(s): Retention and Student Success

Why Choose General Studies?

The General Studies program is for students who are admissible to Ferris State University but do not meet all eligibility requirements for the specific program they have chosen. The General Studies program offers several courses designed to help students strengthen their academic skills and improve their academic standing. All General Studies students have academic advisors who work closely with them to assist them in transferring to their program of choice as soon as possible while taking general education courses required for all degrees.

FSUS and Advising Support

All freshman General Studies students enroll in the Ferris State University Seminar course - FSUS 100.  The instructor of this weekly seminar is also the student's academic advisor, which allows for more advising interactions. Having more advising interactions allows the student the opportunity to define and develop realistic goals, identify special needs, match the student to available resources, monitor progress toward educational and career goals, and discuss linkages between academic preparation and the world of work. 

General Education

Students may complete their class schedules by enrolling in courses from the College of Arts and Sciences which will meet the University-wide general education requirements. Students are advised to determine which general education courses also meet requirements for programs they are considering prior to enrollment. 

All University General Education requirements can be found here:

Please consult this link for a complete listing of General Education Electives:

Consult the official checksheet or program advisor for program specific General Education requirements.

More Information

Developmental Curriculum
Retention and Student Success
Ferris State University
820 Campus Drive, ASC 1017
Big Rapids, MI 49307

Shelly VandePanne
Director of Student Academic Affairs
Phone: 231-591-2360

Required Courses
Credit Hours

Required Courses

Ferris State Univ Seminar
Directed Electives:
Credits necessary to meet the total requirement of 60 sem. Credits.
  Electives may be any 100 level or above course offered through Allied Health Sciences, Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Optometry, Technology or University College. Exploratory Course list is available. Courses should be selected with an advisor.
Note: Specific courses required for eligibility in program of choice.