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Public Relations

Degree Type: Minor
College(s): College of Business

Career Opportunities

At its core, PR is business communication in the service of reputation management, therefore, PR can be found in literally every organization, making it a high-demand job. A PR minor will supplement your major with practical knowledge, skills, and abilities desired by employers. Trained PR specialists start out earning between $35-50,000, with seasoned professionals at the executive level making well into six figure salaries.

Admissions Requirements

Any person who is admitted to a Ferris State University Bachelor’s degree program is welcome to obtain this minor.

Graduation Requirements

You will receive the Public Relations minor upon graduation with a baccalaureate degree, and after completion of the requirements for the minor with a minimum 2.0 grade point average in the Public Relations minor courses.

No more than 50% of the credits in this minor may be transferred from another institution.  A maximum of 1/3 of the credits, but not more than 7 credits in a minor may overlap with the student's major.

More Information

Marketing Department
119 South Street, BUS 212
Big Rapids, MI 49307-2284
Phone: 231-592-2426

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Required Courses
Credit Hours

Public Relations Minor - 18 Credits

Public Relations Principle
Public Relations Tactics
Public Relations Ethics\Law
Principles of Marketing
Marketing Research
Public Relations Elective (Advisor Approved) - 3 Credits