Physical Education Teaching

Degree Type: Secondary Education Minor
College(s): College of Education and Human Services

Why Choose Teaching Minors for Secondary Education Majors?

The Secondary Education program requires the completion of a teaching major and a teaching minor to fulfill the subject area requirements of the program.

Admission Requirements

Secondary Education majors may choose an appropriate teaching major from the following areas: biology; business, management, marketing and technology; chemistry; English; geography; history; mathematics; political science; or social studies. 

Graduation Requirements

A 2.75 GPA is currently required for satisfactory completion of the physical education teaching minor.

No grade less than a "C".

More Information

College of Education & Human Services
School of Education
Bishop Hall Room 421
Ferris State University
1349 Cramer Circle
Big Rapids, MI 49307-2737
Telephone: (231) 591-5361

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Required Courses
Credit Hours
Physical Education Activities
Human Motor Development
Advanced Fitness
Methods Teaching Physical Educ
Issues in Physical Edu - Sport
Exercise Psyc in Ph Ed - Sport
Professional Physical Educator
Minimum semester credit hours required minor: