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Microbiology and Immunology (BIOL 386)

  • College: College of Arts and Sciences
  • Department: Biology
  • Credit Hours: 5
  • This course has a lecture with 4 hours.
  • This course has a lab with 3 hours.

Fundamentals of the microbial world with emphasis on the medical aspects of microbiology, molecular basis of pathogenicity, chemotherapy, and the role of humoral and cellular immune responses in host protection and hypersensitivity. The laboratory provides practical experiences with fundamental concepts, techniques and instrumentation. Designed for students in science baccalaureate degree programs. A prior course in biochemistry is also required. This course meets General Education requirements: Scientific Understanding, Lab. Pre-Requisites: BIOL 322 with a grade of C- or better and CHEM 321 or CHEM 214 with a grade of C- or better. Typically Offered Spring, Summer


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