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Health Information Systems (CAHS 300)

  • College: College of Health Professions
  • Department: Clinical Lab-Resp Care-Hlth Ad
  • Credit Hours: 3
  • This course has a lecture with 3 hours.

This course examines the realm of Health Care Information Systems (HCIS), and will provide the student with the opportunity to develop an understanding of basic information technology terminology, standards and protocols, as well as Local and Wide Area networks and general network typologies. The course will introduce software applications used in HCIS. The student will develop an understanding of the implications of integrated versus interfacing disparate HCIS application, data base management and patient privacy issues. The course will examine emerging technology in the areas of rural health care, telemedicine, access to Electronic Medical Records, and Regional Health Information Organizations. Prerequisites: Junior status. Typically Offered Fall only.


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