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Principles of Molecular Diagos (DMOL 410)

  • College: College of Health Professions
  • Department: Clinical Lab-Resp Care-Hlth Ad
  • Credit Hours: 2
  • This course has a lecture with 2 hours.

This course will provide an overview of nucleic acid structure, gene expression and genetic disease. Proper collection and processing of blood, bone marrow, and other bodily fluids for molecular testing will be covered. Fundamentals of DNA and RNA isolation, amplification, hybridization and analysis will also be discussed.Co-requisites: DMOL 220 and DMOL 221. Prerequisites: BIOL 300, BIOL 373, BIOL 375, BIOL 475, CLLS 219, CLLS 231, CLLS 236, CLLS 252 and DMOL 210 with a C grade or better. Typically offered Fall only.


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