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Networks 3 (ECNS 215)

  • College: Coll of Engineering Technology
  • Department: EET-CNS
  • Credit Hours: 3
  • This course has a lecture with 2 hours.
  • This course has a lab with 2 hours.

CCNA Exploration LAN Switching and Wireless is the third of four courses leading to the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) designation. CCNA 3 introduces Cisco Networking Academy Program students to the fundamental s of switching. It provides a theoretically-rich, hands on introduction to networking and the Internet. The primary focus of this course is on LAN switching and wireless LANs. The goal is to develop an understanding of how a switch communicates with other switches and routers in a small or medium sized business network to implement VLAN segmentation.Switching technologies are relatively straightforward to implement; however, as with routing the underlying protocols are algorithms are often quite complicated. This course will go to great lengths to explain the underlying processes of the common Layer 2 switching technologies. The better the underlying concepts are understood, the easier it is to implement, verify, and troubleshoot with switching technologies.Each switching concept will be introduced within the context of a single topology for each chapter. The individual chapter topologies will be used to explain protocol operations as well as providing a setting for the implementation of the various switching technologies.The labs and Packet Tracer activities used in this course are designed to help you develop an understanding of how to configure switching operations while reinforcing the concepts learned in each chapter. Pre-Requisites: ECNS 125 minimum grade of C-. Typically Offered Fall Only


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