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Major Authors (LITR 402)

  • College: College of Arts and Sciences
  • Department: Languages and Literature
  • Credit Hours: 3
  • This course has a lecture with 3 hours.

A study of the works of one or more major writers of English literature, British or American. A major writer is one whose work has been acknowledged over the course of time as having a significant impact on the literary world and/or whose works are universally acknowledged as being of the highest artistic achievement. The course may focus on the work of a single writer, such as Chaucer or Twain, or on the works of two or more writers who share some common ground, such as British Romantic poets or American Southern writers. The topic will change with each offering and will be announced when the course is listed. This course meets General Education requirements: Cultural Enrichment. Pre-Requisites:ENGL 250 and LITR 250. Typically Offered Spring Only, Odd Yea


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