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Applied Fluids - Thermodynam (PDET 413)

  • College: Coll of Engineering Technology
  • Department: Mechanical Design
  • Credit Hours: 3
  • This course has a lecture with 3 hours.

Provides the product designer with an understanding of applied fluid mechanics and thermodynamics adequate to analyze, design and/or modify a wide range of products. Begins with the development of critical fluid flow terms and concepts common to both fluid and thermodynamic problems. The thermodynamic portion addresses the concept of energy conversion and extends into the development and applications of the first law. The second and third laws are presented and developed into an understanding of thermal efficiency. Heat transfer thermodynamics is a significant area of concentration. The fluid dynamics portion covers basic fluid science concepts and develops the background necessary to design / understand basic hydraulic systems. Pre-Requisites: MATH 126 or MATH 130. Typically Offered Fall Only


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