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African American Studies-Minor
Applied Mathematics-Bachelor of Science
Applied Mathematics/Actuarial Science Concentration-Bachelor of Science
Applied Mathematics/Computer Science Concentration-Bachelor of Science
Applied Mathematics/Industrial Mathematics Concentration-Bachelor of Science
Applied Mathematics/Operations Research Concentration-Bachelor of Science
Applied Mathematics/Statistics Concentration-Bachelor of Science
Applied Speech Communication-Associate in Arts
Applied Speech Communication APSC-Bachelor of Science
Applied Speech Communication Community Leadership Concentration BS-Bachelor of Science
Applied Speech Communication Public Advocacy Concentration BS-Bachelor of Science
Applied Speech Communication Sports Concentration-Bachelor of Science
Art History Minor-Minor
Biochemistry-Bachelor of Arts
Biology-Bachelor of Science
Biology -Bachelor of Arts
Biology Minor-Minor
Biology/Environmental Biology Concentration-Bachelor of Science
Biology/Forensic Biology Concentration-Bachelor of Science
Biology/Pre-Dentistry Concentration-Bachelor of Science
Biology/Pre-Medicine Concentration-Bachelor of Science
Biology/Pre-Optometry Concentration-Bachelor of Science
Biology/Pre-Pharmacy Concentration-Bachelor of Science
Biology/Pre-Physical Therapy Concentration-Bachelor of Science
Biology/Pre-Veterinary Medicine-Bachelor of Science
Biotechnology-Bachelor of Science
Cell and Molecular Biology Minor-Minor
Chemistry-Bachelor of Arts
Communication -Bachelor of Arts
Communication Minor-Minor
Communication with Community Leadership Concentration BA-Bachelor of Arts
Communication with Public Advocacy Concentration B.A.-Bachelor of Arts
Communication with Sports Concentration BA-Bachelor of Arts
Community Studies Minor-Minor
Computer Science -Certificate
Computer Science Minor-Minor
Creative Writing Certificate-Certificate
Creative Writing Minor-Minor
English -Bachelor of Arts
English Literature Minor-Minor
English/Professional Writing Minor-Minor
Film Studies-Minor
French Minor-Minor
Health, Illness and Society Minor-Minor
History -Bachelor of Arts
History Minor-Minor
Horticulture for Golf Course Mgr.-Certificate
Human Development Minor-Minor
Industrial Chemistry Technology-Associate in Applied Science
Integrative Studies-Bachelor of Integrative Studies
International Studies Minor-Minor
Journalism and Technical Communication-Bachelor of Science
Liberal Arts-Associate in Arts
Mathematics Minor-Minor
Multi-Media Journalism Minor-Minor
Multicultural Relations in the U.S. Minor-Minor
Ornamental Horticulture-Certificate
Philosophy Minor-Minor
Political Science-Bachelor of Science
Political Science Minor-Minor
Pre-Engineering-Associate in Science
Pre-Law-Associate in Arts
Pre-Mortuary Science-Associate in Science
Pre-Pharmacy-Associate in Science
Pre-Science-Associate in Science
Psychology -Bachelor of Science
Psychology Minor-Minor
Religious Studies-Minor
Social Work-Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
Social Work - MSW-Master of Social Work
Sociology-Bachelor of Arts
Sociology Minor-Minor
Spanish Minor-Minor
Sports Communication Certificate-Certificate
Sports Communication Minor-Minor
Technical & Professional Communication-Bachelor of Science
Technical Writing-Certificate
Theatre Arts Minor-Minor
Women and Gender Studies Minor-Minor


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