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Finance FIN

Degree Type: Bachelor of Science

College(s): Business

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
ACCT 201 Principles of Accounting 1 3
ACCT 202 Principles of Accounting 2 3
BLAW 321 Contracts and Sales 3
BUSN 499 Integrating Experience 3
FINC 322 Financial Management 1 3
ISYS 321 Business Information Systems 3
MGMT 301 Applied Management 3
MGMT 370 Quality-Operations Mgmt 3
MKTG 321 Principles of Marketing 3
STQM 260 Introduction to Statistics 3
ACCT 305 Intermediate ACCT Concepts 3
FINC 300 Mathematics of Finance 3
FINC 312 Financial Markets-Institutions 3
FINC 323 Financial Management 2 3
FINC 375 Fin Analysis & Forecasting 3
FINC 451 Investment Principles 3
FINC 452 Financial Modeling 3
FINC 465 Problems in Finance 3
STQM 322 Inferential Statistics 3
*Electives: Free 3
*Directed Electives Advisor approval required. Two must be finance classes. (choose from below) 11 - 12
ACCT 321 Cost Accounting 1 3
ACCT 370 Forensic Accounting 3
*ACCT 400 level or higher 3
BLAW 322 Commercial Paper Secured Trans 2
BLAW 325 Real and Personal Property 2
FINC 410 Introduction to Derivatives 3
FINC 454 Portfolio Management 3
FINC 491 Finance Internship 3 - 6
INTB 440 International Finance 3
ISYS 200 Database Design-Implementation 3
MKTG 231 Professional Selling 3
MGMT 415 Entrepreneurial Opportunities 3
MGMT 447 Business Ethics-Social Resp 3
REAL 330 Real Estate Invest-Management 3
University General Education
Communication Competence
COMM 121 Fundamentals-Public Speaking 3
ENGL 150 English 1 3
ENGL 250 English 2 3
ENGL 325 Advanced Business Writing 3
Scientific Understanding
* Lab Science Elective 4
* Science Elective 3/4
Quantitative Skills
MATH 115 Intermediate Algebra 3
* (If MATH ACT is 24 or higher, substitute a general education elective)
Cultural Enrichment
* Electives (one must be 200 level or above) 9
Social Awareness
ECON 221 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
ECON 222 Principles of Microeconomics 3
*Social Awareness Elective (non-economics) 3
COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Additional General Education
*Choose one: COMM 221, or
COMM 310, or
COMM 332
*Choose one: ECON 321 or
ECON 331 or
ECON 431
MATH 122 Math Analysis for Business 3
Minimum credit hours required for B.S. degree: 120-122
Finance students must be able to demonstrate competency in ISYS 105 topics of take ISYS 105.
Be sure to evaluate the requirements for any professional certification with the appropriate state board.

Why Choose Finance?

The Finance major is designed for students who are interested in the stewardship of the financial resources of individuals, corporations, or financial institutions. As future managers, students learn the principles and applications of financial analysis, management, and strategy. The program equips students with the theoretical understanding and practical skills necessary to evaluate and direct decisions regarding the allocation of financial resources among a variety of competing opportunities with the goal of maximizing the value of the resources being managed.

Career Opportunities

Money and finance touch almost every aspect of business and life. That's why finance is a wise career choice for anyone with broad business interests. The function of finance involves decisions on how to best use money. Financial planning binds together all functions of an organization, and it takes special skills to deal with the complexities of keeping a firm profitable.

Graduates with Finance Majors find positions in a variety of companies and agencies with duties including analysis, planning and control, capital management, short-term and long-term financing, investment, security analysis and portfolio management. These occupations generally offer attractive starting salaries and working conditions. The future of finance is secure. The need for finance graduates is expected to continue its rise through the next century.

Admission Requirements

New Students: 2.5 high school GPA (on a 4.0 scale) and two of the three criteria below: (1) English ACT score of 16 or higher, or SAT Writing score of 370 or higher; (2) Math ACT score of 19 or higher, or SAT Math score of 460 or higher; (3) Reading ACT score of 19 or higher, or SAT Reading score of 430 or higher.

Transfer Students: Combined college or university GPA of 2.35 (on a 4.0 scale) from all institutions attended. GPA is based on completion of 12 credit hours or more. Transfer equivalency for FSU ENGLISH 150 or placement during the first semester at FSU which would require an ACT English score of 16 or higher; Compass score 70 – 100. Transfer equivalency for FSU MATH 115 or placement during the first semester at FSU which would require an ACT Math score of 19 or higher; Compass Algebra score 46 - 74 and HS Algebra with 2.0.

Exceptions for New and Transfer Students: Applicants not meeting the above criteria but having a 2.35 High School GPA and at least a 16 ACT in Math or Reading (2.00 Overall GPA for Transfer Students) can be considered for conditional admission in a College of Business Pre-Program. Any mitigating circumstances will be considered on an individual basis by the College of Business Dean’s Office.

Pre-Program students must complete a minimum of 12 FSU credits (excluding developmental courses) with a 2.35 GPA; courses must include ENGL 150 and MATH 115 before being considered for admission into their program of choice. Students must meet admission criteria for their chosen degree program by the time they have earned 30 credits.

More Information:
Additional guidance can be found on the College of Business Webpage under the Admissions tab.

Graduation Requirements

The Finance program at Ferris leads to a Bachelor of Science degree in business. Graduation requires a minimum 2.0 GPA in core classes, in the major and overall.

More Information

Accoutancy, Finance & Info Systems
119 South Street/BUS 212
Big Rapids, MI 49307-2284
Phone: (231) 591-2434
Email: AFIS@ferris.edu

The College of Business is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP.) Next Accreditation Review is February 2018.

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