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Recreation Leadership and Management RLMG

Degree Type: Bachelor of Science

College(s): Education and Human Services

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
General Education
COMM 200 3
ENGL 150 English 1 3
ENGL 250 English 2 3
ENGL 323 Proposal Writing 3
MATH 115 Intermediate Algebra 3
PSYC 150 Introduction to Psychology 3
SOCY 361 Work and Leisure in Society 3
SOCY 121 Introductory Sociology 3
ACCT 201 Principles of Accounting 1 3
MGMT 301 Applied Management 3
MGMT 373 Human Resource Management 3
MKTG 321 Principles of Marketing 3
RMLS 340 3
RMLS 121 Intro to Leisure Services 3
RMLS 180 Rec Leadership-Supervision 3
RMLS 240 Inclusive Recreation Program 3
RMLS 242 3
RMLS 294 Field Experince in Leisure Ser 3
RMLS 320 Lesi Serv Maintenance Mgmt 3
RMLS 345 3
RMLS 348 Risk Mgmt for Leisure Services 2
RMLS 430 LS Finance and Management 3
RMLS 468 Research Meth in Leisure Ser 3
RMLS 491 Rec Leader-Mgmt Internship 6
RMLS 499 Recr Leader-Mgmt Assessment 1
Corporate Fitness and Wellness Programming Concentration
EDPE 223 Advanced Fitness 3
CAHS 160 3
FMAN 321 Principles of Facility Mgmt 3
FMAN 451 Plan - Budget for Operations 3
EDPE 338 Biomechanics 3
EDPE 436 Exercise Psyc in Ph Ed - Sport 3
RMLS 213 Health Promotion in Workplace 2
RMLS 316 Fitness Test-Measurement-Presc 3
RMLS 427 Health and Fitness Prog Mgmt 2
Electives: as needed to equal 120 semester hours for graduation
Leisure Service Programming Concentration
COMM 370 Communication and Conflict 3
FMAN 321 Principles of Facility Mgmt 3
FMAN 451 Plan - Budget for Operations 3
RMLS 225 Outdoor Rec Resource Mgmt 3
RMLS 245 3
RMLS 318 Ropes/Chall Course Fac. Skills 3
RMLS 465 Tourism Planning-Development 3
Electives: As needed to equal 120 semester hours for graduation
Outdoor/Adventure Education Programming Concentration
COMM 370 Communication and Conflict 3
FMAN 321 Principles of Facility Mgmt 3
RMLS 130 Environ Educ - Interpretation 3
RMLS 211 Found of Outdoor Living Skills 3
RMLS 225 Outdoor Rec Resource Mgmt 3
RMLS 245 3
RMLS 318 Ropes/Chall Course Fac. Skills 3
RMLS 435 Leadership in Outdoor Pursuits 3
Electives:   As needed to equal 120 semester hours for graduation
Choose two:
RMLS 178 Cross Country Skiing 1
RMLS 224 Cycling 2
RMLS 231 Canoe Touring 2
RMLS 232 Winter Backpacking 2
RMLS 235 Kayak Tripping 2
RMLS 236 Rock Climbing Instructor Train 2
RMLS 437 Wilderness First Responder 3
RMLS 438 Wilderness Educ and Leadership 2-4
Sport Management Concentration
BLAW 321 Contracts and Sales 3
COMM 370 Communication and Conflict 3
FMAN 321 Principles of Facility Mgmt 3
FMAN 451 Plan - Budget for Operations 3
ISYS 105 Intro Micro Systems-Software 3
EDPE 426 Issues in Physical Edu - Sport 3
RMLS 216 Officiating Sports 1 2
RMLS 217 Officiating Sports 2 2
RMLS 428 Spec Mkg Bus-Athl-Rec Sports 3
RMLS 450 3
Electives:   As needed to equal 120 semester hours for graduation
Minimum semester credit hours required for recreation leadership and management program: 128

Why Choose Recreation Leadership and Management?

This program is no longer admitting new students.

The Recreation, Leisure Services and Wellness (RLSW) Program is a four-year professional curriculum developing competencies in four program concentrations and leading to a Bachelor of Science degree. The Program prepares students to work with people across all age levels and across multiple community, professional, organizational, and agency settings such as "Parks, Recreation, Sports, Adventure Education, and Fitness."   Students have four program concentrations from which to choose:

  • Corporate Fitness / Wellness
  • Leisure Service
  • Outdoor Adventure Education
  • Sports Management

    In all program concentrations, student professional preparation and involvement in recreation activities and service learning are used to develop leadership competencies and to facilitate physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth. Students also receive management training for efficient and effective marketing, finance, and management-level performances within the leisure services.
    Several "Points of Pride" highlight the Program:
  • Accreditation by the Council on Accreditation for Recreation, Park, Resources, and Leisure Services sponsored by the National Recreation and parks Association,
  • Service Learning approach to classroom projects
  • Classroom focus on "hands-on" application
  • Individual attention and semester-by-semester advising
  • Small class size
  • Technology application across curriculum
  • Student participation in professional conferences, field trips, and projects
  • Integrated teaching methods

  • Get a Great Job

    The four specialized concentrations in RLM provide each student the opportunity to develop skills and expertise in their area of interest. All of the concentrations require additional courses in facilities management, marketing, communication and management. In addition, each student has the opportunity to pursue elective credit hours to strengthen personal goals.

  • Corporate Fitness and Wellness area includes courses in personal training prescription, nutrition, exercise physiology, health promotion and fitness testing leading to work in the commercial health club, private corporation fitness/health promotion programs, or fitness programs provided by commercial-corporation wellness, public-MWR or non-profit YMCA.
  • Leisure Services area includes courses in programming, park and facility management, commercial recreation, tourism planning, community education and non-profit youth service strategies to be employed by park and recreation departments, youth and service agencies, commercial recreation/tourism/resort businesses.
  • Outdoor/Adventure Education concentration includes adventure-based skill classes (canoeing, rock climbing, ropes-course facilitation), expedition leadership basic outdoor skills and methodology of outdoor education leading to working in resident outdoor/environmental education centers, youth campus, youth at risk alternative education settings, or private guiding and team building businesses.
  • Sports Management concentration provides studies in recreational sport marketing, legal and risk management issues, sport administration and contemporary issues of sport leading to employment in campus recreation and intramurals, management of sport facilities/complexes, recreation for prison system, or commercial sports entertainment.

  • Admission Requirements

    Every student who enters the RLM program as a freshman must meet the minimum standard requirements set by Ferris State University admissions for high school GPA and score on the ACT or SAT. Transfers may be admitted with an associate degree and GPA of 2.00 or GPA of 2.00 with at least 47 credits.

    Graduation Requirements

    Each student will complete two academic supervised work experiences, field experience (150 hours) and an internship (600 hours) as part of their 36-hour professional core. To qualify for the final internship, the student must have a 2.0 GPA overall and complete all required professional core and concentration coursework, except for the internship RMLS 491, with a 2.5 GPA.

    In addition, all seniors will be required to prepare a student portfolio representative of their coursework and professionally related volunteer, service learning and work experiences. This will be presented to the faculty and select practitioners for review prior to internship.

    A final graduation clearance will review the studentís individual record for a 2.0 overall GPA and 2.5 in the professional core and emphasis concentration following completion of the internship and the minimum 120 hours of coursework.

    More Information

    Director: Jim Powell
    School of Education
    Ferris State University
    Bishop Hall 421E
    Big Rapids, MI 49307
    Phone: 231-591-3511
    Email: jamespowell@ferris.edu

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