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Liberal Arts LIAR

Degree Type: Associate in Arts

College(s): Arts and Sciences

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
General Education:
This degree requires completion of the General Education requirements for an Associate of Arts degree. Details of these requirements are delineated on the General Education website. Courses listed below as program/major required courses with the indicators: C, S, Z, R, G, may also be used to satisfy some of these general education requirements.
Program: 2
Choose from: Cultural Enrichment
* Social Awareness
Electives to a total of 60 credits including the general education requirements listed above.

Why Choose Liberal Arts?

If you plan to obtain a liberal arts degree in a major not available at Ferris State University, you should consider the associate of liberal arts program. During the first year, you take basic courses including English, communication, culture and humanities, science, mathematics and social sciences. However, the design of the program allows for flexibility through choice of electives. Therefore, it is possible for you to earn an associate of arts degree while working towards a specific major.

These courses can also be applied to the bachelor of arts degrees at Ferris, or into other career programs in the College of Arts and Sciences such as Psychology, Applied Speech Communication, Technical and Professional Communication and Public Administration, and also into career programs in the Colleges of Education and Human Services, Business and Allied Health Sciences.

As a Liberal Arts major, you will be assigned a faculty advisor to assist you with program planning. Career counseling is available at the Ferris Career and Educational Counseling Center.

Get a Great Job

Liberal Arts provides the educational foundation needed for all careers because it teaches:

  • Thinking
  • Reading
  • Communicating
  • Analyzing
  • Problem solving

    You may earn an associate in arts degree while working toward a specific career objective. Faculty advisors will assist you with educational planning.

  • Admission Requirements

    First year student admission is open to high school graduates (or equivalent) who demonstrate academic preparedness, maturity and seriousness of purpose with educational backgrounds appropriate to their chosen program of study. High school courses and grade point average, ACT composite score, and ACT reading and mathematics subscores will be considered in the admission and placement process. Transfer students must have at least 12 credits at the time of application with a minimum 2.0 overall GPA including an English and mathematics course, or they must provide their high school records and ACT scores for admission review.

    Graduation Requirements

    The Liberal Arts program at Ferris leads to an associate in arts degree. Graduation requires a minimum 2.0 GPA overall. Students must complete a minimum of 60 college credits including all general education requirements as outlined on the General Education website and complete a 20-credit concentration of Cultural Enrichment and Social Awareness coursework.

    More Information

    Dr. Roxanne Cullen
    Liberal Arts Coordinator
    Department of Languages and Literature
    Ferris State University
    820 Campus Drive/ASC 3080
    Big Rapids, MI 49307-2225
    Phone: 231-591-2713
    Email: cullenr@ferris.edu

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