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Heavy Equipment Technology HEQT

Degree Type: Associate in Applied Science

College(s): Engineering Technology

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
General Education
ENGL 150 English 1 3
ENGL 211 Industrial and Career Writing 3
MATH 115 Intermediate Algebra 3
PHYS 130 Concepts in Physics 4
*Elective: Cultural Enrichment 3
*Elective: Social Awareness 3
HEQT 100 Trouble Shooting Strategies 2
HEQT 101 HEQT Maintenance Fundamentals 2
HEQT 110 HEQT Electronics Fundamentals 4
HEQT 120 HEQT Engine Technology 4
HEQT 160 Fluid Power Fundamentals 4
HEQT 193 Industry Internship 4
HEQT 200 Planned Maintenance Systems 2
HEQT 201 Transport Refrigeration System 3
HEQT 210 HEQT Electrical Systems 3
HEQT 230 Diesel Fuel Systems Technology 4
HEQT 240 HEQT Brakes-Suspension Systems 3
HEQT 270 HEQT Power Transfer Technology 3
HEQT 271 HEQT Auto Transmissions 4
WELD 150 Introduction to Welding 2
Minimum credit hours required for A.A.S. degree: 64

Why Choose Heavy Equipment Technology?

Heavy equipment technicians keep diesel and gasoline-powered equipment moving freight, earth and people; pumping water for irrigation; drilling for oil; powering farm tractors; and generating electrical power. They not only diagnose malfunctions and repair engines, they repair and service fuel injection systems, electrical and electronic systems, hydraulic systems, brakes, steering systems and power transmission systems.

Students in the Heavy Equipment Technology program learn to use shop manuals, reference charts, diagnostic instruments and special tools to diagnose equipment malfunctions. They identify problems through measurement and observation, interpret data collected and decide on a course of action. In hands-on labs, students repair, replace or adjust components and perform preventive maintenance tasks. Knowledge and skill-development concentrations include inspection, diagnostics, repair/rebuild of all types of heavy-duty equipment and mechanical and electronic components.

Career Opportunities

Increased use of heavy equipment in the agriculture, trucking, construction and auxiliary power industries has created a widespread need for qualified heavy equipment technicians. Estimates suggest less than half of the current demand for technicians in this industry is being met, so skilled graduates are already in high demand.

Fleet maintenance, farm equipment, truck rental and construction equipment repair industries as well as independent repair shops are only some of the employers. Heavy equipment technicians also work at stationary power plants, marine engine companies and manufacturers of heavy equipment.

Graduates of the Heavy Equipment Technology program at Ferris are immediately employable by the heavy equipment industry. This program also serves as the major preparatory program for the B.S. degree in Heavy Equipment Service Engineering Technology.

Graduation Requirements

The Heavy Equipment Technology program at Ferris leads to an associate in applied science degree. Graduation requires a minimum 2.0 GPA in core classes, in the major and overall. Students must complete all general education requirements as outlined on the General Education website.

More Information

College of Engineering Technology
Ferris State University
1009 Campus Drive
Big Rapids, MI 49307-2280
Phone: 231-591-2890
Email: Heavy_Equipment@ferris.edu

The College of Engineering Technology, Heavy Equipment Technology, AAS program is accredited by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF)
The program is currently in the reaccreditation process.

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