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Cell and Molecular Biology Minor

Degree Type: Minor

College(s): Arts and Sciences

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
BIOL 121 General Biology 1 4
BIOL 122 General Biology 2 4
BIOL 375 Principles of Genetics 3
BIOL 470 Molecular Genetics 4
BIOL 472 Proteins 3
BIOL 474 Advanced Cell - Molecular Biol 3

Why Choose the Cell and Molecular Biology Minor?

This minor is designed for students who desire to expand their understanding of biology in the rapidly developing field of cell and molecular biology. It is also suitable for students who have completed substantial courses in a pre-professional degree, but who have not yet been accepted into their chosen professional school. Cell and Molecular Biology is also suitable for students who may choose to pursue a bachelor's degree in chemistry, especially one with an emphasis in biochemistry.

Admission Requirements

This Cell and Molecular Biology minor is open to any student admitted to Ferris State and pursuing a baccalaureate degree. Students may use only one-third of the credits in a minor that overlap with the student's major. For example: If a minor is 18 credits, 6 credits may be applied to the minor that are also used in the major. Students may apply 6 credit hours of overlap between minors.

Graduation Requirements

An academic minor may only be awarded upon completion of a baccalaureate degree at Ferris State. Students must have at least a 'C' grade in all BIOL courses. This minor requires a minimum of 21 credits.

Also, 50 percent of the credits for a minor must be taught by Ferris State University.

More Information

ADVISOR: Dr. Brad Isler
PHONE: 231-591-2641
E-MAIL: islerb@ferris.edu

Department of Biological Sciences
Ferris State University
820 Campus Drive, ASC 2004
Big Rapids, MI 49307
Phone: 231-591-2550

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