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Health, Illness and Society Minor

Degree Type: Minor

College(s): Arts and Sciences

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
ANTH 371 Medical Anthropology 3
GEOG 372 World Medical Geography 3
SOCY 373 Health-Illness in Society 3
Choose one:
ANTH 122 Intro Cultural Anthropology 3
GEOG 112 Cultural Geography 3
SOCY 121 Introductory Sociology 3
Electives (choose two)
ANTH 374 Reproductive Health-Sexuality 3
HIST 280 History of Medical-Health Care 3
PHIL 220 Ethics in Health Care 3
PHIL 320 Biomedical Ethics 3
PSYC 422 Abnormal Psychology 3
SCWK 262 Health Related Social Services 3
SOCY 345 The Field of Aging 3

Why Choose the Health, Illness and Society Minor?

The Health, Illness, and Society minor gives students a broad, interdisciplinary understanding of the many cultural influences and social forces affecting diagnosis, treatment decisions, and the health care system, both in the U.S. and in other countries around the world. This minor includes courses in anthropology, sociology, and cultural geography, with elective course work in medical history, ethics, psychology, and health services. This minor will be a valuable complement to many programs of study at Ferris.

This interdisciplinary minor is designed to expand your understanding of health and illness in societies. This approach will facilitate your ability to effectively analyze health and illness at a variety of levels. The American Health Care system is one of the largest employers today. This is a valuable minor for students planning to enter any health-related occupations and/or professions.

It also provides valuable background for students majoring in human and social service-related programs. Employers today expect personnel who have a broad-based educational background. This minor will enhance your employment potential.

Admission Requirements

This Health, Illness and Society minor is open to any student admitted to Ferris State and pursuing a baccalaureate degree. The minor is designed to complement any Ferris major program. Students may use only one-third of the credits in a minor that overlap with the student's major. For example: If a minor is 18 credits, 6 credits may be applied to the minor that are also used in the major. Students may apply 6 credit hours of overlap between minors.

Graduation Requirements

An academic minor may only be awarded upon completion of a baccalaureate degree at Ferris State. This minor requires a minimum of 18 credits with a minimum 2.0 grade average in these courses.

Also, 50 percent of the credits for a minor must be taught by Ferris State University.

More Information

ADVISOR: Dr. Meral Topcu
PHONE: 231-591-2751
E-MAIL: topcum@ferris.edu

Department of Social Sciences
Ferris State University
820 Campus Drive, ASC 2108
Big Rapids, MI 49307
Phone: 231-591-2735

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