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History Minor MIN

Degree Type: Minor

College(s): Arts and Sciences

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
Required Courses (9 Credits)
HIST 121 US History to 1877 3
HIST 122 US History - 1877 to Present 3
HIST 211 World Civilizations to 1400 3
HIST 212       World Civilizations since 1400 3
HIST 400 Research in History 3
Choose 6 credits from the following:
HIST 201 African-American History 3
HIST 230 Michigan History 3
HIST 277 American Business History 3
HIST 285 History of Sports 3
HIST 309 US History 1900 - 1945 3
HIST 310 US History since 1945 3
HIST 315 Civil Rights Movement 3
HIST 320 US and the Vietnam War 3
HIST 325 American Women's History 3
HIST 326 African-American Women's Hist 3
HIST 330 Turbulent 1960s 3
HIST 331 Amer Cultural History to 1865 3
HIST 332 Amer Cult History since 1865 3
HIST 333 Antebellum America 3
HIST 334 Colonial America 3
HIST 341 US Foreign Policy-20th Century 3
HIST 342 The Civil War-Reconstruction 3
HIST 385 American Military History 3
Electives (Choose 6 Credits)
HIST 276 History of Science -Technology 3
HIST 280 History of Medical-Health Care 3
HIST 350 The Making of Modern Britain 3
HIST 351 Medieval Europe 3
HIST 352 Renaissance and Reformation 3
HIST 360 Contemporary European History 3
HIST 363 Rise of the Russian Empire 3
HIST 370 Modern Africa 3
HIST 371 East Asia in the 20th Century 3
HIST 372 Middle East in Modern Era 3
HIST 373 20th Century Russia 3
HIST 375 Latin American History 3

Why Choose the History Minor?

In this age of 'informational overload,' the history minor helps students to deal with information from many different sources, to sort out the 'big picture' from the short-term details, and to recognize the decisions and events that will have lasting impact on their business and community. The history minor allows students to study traditional topics in history (e.g., military history) as well as topics that may have particular interest to them personally or professionally (e.g., history of technology, business, health care, or sport; women's history; African-American history).

Admission Requirements

This History minor is open to any student admitted to Ferris State and pursuing a baccalaureate degree except those pursuing a history major in the Bachelor of Arts degree. The minor is designed to complement any other Ferris major program. Students may use only one-third of the credits in a minor that overlap with the student's major. For example: If a minor is 18 credits, 6 credits may be applied to the minor that are also used in the major. Students may apply 6 credit hours of overlap between minors.

Graduation Requirements

An academic minor may only be awarded upon completion of a baccalaureate degree at Ferris State. This minor requires a minimum of 18 credits with a minimum 2.0 grade average in these courses.

Also, 50 percent of the credits for a minor must be taught by Ferris State University and must be numbered 300 level or higher.

More Information

Advisor: Dr. Gary Huey
Phone: 231-591-2758
e-mail: hueyg@ferris.edu

Humanities Department
Ferris State University
1009 Campus Drive, JOH 119
Big Rapids, MI 49307-2280
Phone: 231-591-3675

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