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Computer Information Systems Minor CIS

Degree Type: Minor

College(s): Business

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
ISYS 200 Database Design-Implementation 3
ISYS 305 Software Systems 3
ISYS 110 Fund of Computer Info Systems 3
ISYS 204 Introduction to Visual Basic 3
ISYS 216 Intro to Java Programming 3
ISYS 288 Web Application Development 3
ISYS 304 Advanced Visual Basic Program 3
ISYS 316 Advanced Java Programming 3
ISYS 325 Networking Essentials 3
ISYS 330 Systems Analysis and Design 1 3
ISYS 371 Adv Database Design-Implement 3
ISYS 470 Database Administration 3
PROJ 320 Proj Management Fundamentals 3
Faculty advisor must approve other options
Minimum credit hours required 18
CIS students must be able to demonstrate competency in ISYS 105 topics or take ISYS 105.
HVAC students may consider a programming emphasis instead of the recommended data communications emphasis. If so, replace ISYS 310 and ISYS 325 with ISYS 216 and ISYS 316.

Why Choose Computer Information Systems?

A CIS Minor can significantly increase the marketability of any Bachelor's degree. Proficient usage of computers in day-to-day business functions is now critical for success in any work environment. Having a CIS Minor adds skills and abilities beyond your major that employers need, and it will differentiate you from those without it.

Get a Great Job

Computers and Information Systems have become essential to all aspects of business. All professionals, regardless of their major are needed to understand and relate the problem-solving abilities of a computer system to an individual business department, company, or a multi-national enterprise.

A CIS Minor will give you an advantage over other majors who do not have these critical skills.

Admission Requirements

Any current Ferris State University undergraduate student who is in good academic standing may enroll in this minor. Minor is not available for CIS majors.

Graduation Requirements

Minimum credit hours required for the minor is 18 credits. A CIS Minor is a collection of 2 required courses and 4 elective courses.

  • Systems
  • Programming
  • Network Administration
  • Web Development
  • A Customized Plan to Fit Your Needs.

  • A Ferris student will receive the CIS Minor upon graduation with a Baccalaureate degree, and after completion of the requirements for the minor with a minimum 2.0 grade point average in CIS Minor courses.

    Note: No more than 50% of the credits in this minor may be transferred from another institution, nor will the minor be granted if more than six of the minor credits are specifically required in the student's major.

    More Information

    Accountancy, Finance & Info Systems
    119 South Street BUS 212
    Big Rapids, MI 49307-2284
    call (231) 591-2434
    or email AFIS@ferris.edu

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