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Research Methods and Applications Minor RMAP

Degree Type: Minor

College(s): Business

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
Required Foundations courses (select two, 6 credits):
STQM 322 Inferential Statistics 3
Choose one:
MATH 251 Stats for the Life Sciences 3
MFGE 341 Quality Science Statistics 3
PSYC 210 Statistics for PSYC Sciences 3
STQM 260 Introduction to Statistics 3
Elective Tools Courses (select three, 9 credits):
MKTG 378 Marketing Data Analysis 3
SOCY 271 Sociological Meth/Qualitative 3
SOCY 371 Sociological Statistics 3
SSCI 310 Applied Social Research Method 3
STQM 270 Introduction to Data Mining 3
STQM 311 Cont Improvement Tools-Techniq 3
STQM 341 Management Science 3
STQM 342 Data Mining Tools 3
STQM 380 Data Mining Processes 3
STQM 351 Quality Control for Management 3
* Elective (must be pre-approved by minor advisor) 3
Elective Applications Course (select one, 3 credits):
COMM 300 Research Methods in Comm 3
CCHS 315 3
MATH 360 Operations Research 3
MFGE 342 Statistical Proc Engineering 3
MGMT 370 Quality-Operations Mgmt 3
MKTG 425 Marketing Research 3
PSYC 280 Psych Research Methods-Design 3
RMLS 468 Research Meth in Leisure Ser 3
SCWK 450 Appl Social Research Statistic 3
SOCY 411 Applied Community Research 3
* Elective (must be pre-approved by minor advisor) 3
Minimum credit hours required for minor: 18

Why Choose the Research Methods and Applications Minor?

Today, more than ever, those who can make sense of data enjoy a competitive edge over those who cannot. Perhaps you will work in production, marketing, quality management, a healthcare delivery system, the automotive industry or some high tech research firm. The research methods and applications minor offers you a chance to develop this competitive edge, the practical know-how to create and present information by collecting, organizing, analyzing, and interpreting data. Today, employers favor graduates with quantitative and research methods skills. When you are looking for a job, do you want to have an advantage over other applicants? If so, the research methods and applications minor will provide that advantage for you.

The minor requires 18 semester credit hours, consisting of two required courses, three elective tools courses, and your choice of one applications course. The tools and applications electives allow you the opportunity to personalize the minor to your area of study or interest.

Get a Great Job

The proliferation of computers within organizations of all types has created a greater demand for employees who can combine their professional knowledge of business, health sciences or technology with skills in collecting, organizing and interpreting quantitative information. The research methods and applications minor prepares students to make better use of data in their chosen career. Whether working in a production facility, marketing service, health care systems or areas such as applied mathematics, marketing research or quality control, the employee who has a minor in research methods and applications is better equipped to utilize data in the decision-making process.

Admission Requirements

Any Ferris student interested in improving his/her career opportunities can obtain the minor in research methods and applications in conjunction with his/her baccalaureate.

Graduation Requirements

A Ferris student will receive the research methods and applications minor upon graduation with a baccalaureate degree, and after completion of the requirements for the minor with a minimum 2.0 grade point average in quantitative business analysis courses.

Note: No more than 50% of the credits in this minor may be transferred from another institution, nor will the minor be granted if more than 6 of the minor credits are specifically required in the student's major.

More Information

Marketing Department
119 South Street, BUS 212
Big Rapids, MI 49307
Phone: 231-591-2426
Email: MKTG@ferris.edu

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