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Criminal Justice-Law Enforcement Specialist Option CJLE

Degree Type: Bachelor of Science

College(s): Education and Human Services

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
Junior-Senior Level
Entrance into the junior year of the criminal justice program is on a grade point competitive, space available basis.
By the end of the sophomore year winter semester, students must choose one of the three program concentrations: (1) law enforcement specialist, (2) criminal justice corrections, or (3) criminal justice generalist.
Law Enforcement Specialist Concentration
Professional Courses
CRIM 305 Ethical Issues in Crim Justice 4
CRIM 311 Police and Society 3
CRIM 321 Police Report Writing 3
CRIM 355 Precision Driving 3
CRIM 356 Firearms 3
CRIM 385 Current Issues in CJ 3
CRIM 391 Criminal Justice Internship 4
CRIM 402 Physical Fitness Conditioning 3
CRIM 403 Physical-Defensive Tactics 3
CRIM 420 Conflict Mgmt in Crim Justice 4
CRIM 425 Michigan Criminal Law 4
CRIM 430 Michigan Criminal Procedure 4
CRIM 440 Criminal Investigation 5
CRIM 453 Patrol Problems 3
CRIM 454 Traffic Management 3
CRIM 498 Law Enforcement Assessment 1
RMLS 425 Advanced First Aid 3
LITR 343 Crime-Violence in Literature 3
*Electives: General 3
* *If pursuing a forensic minor, please meet with your advisor for appropriate courses.
*PSYC* Select One: PSYC 325, PSYC 331, PSYC 341, PSYC 342, PSYC 410, PSYC 422, PSYC 430 3
*PSYC Select One: PSYC 325, PSYC 331, PSYC 341, PSYC 342, PSYC 410, PSYC 422, PSYC 430 3
*SOCY Select One: SOCY 225, SOCY 230, SOCY 242, SOCY 340, SOCY 341, SOCY 344, SOCY 345, SOCY 443, SOCY 450, SOCY 460 3
Minimum semester credit hours required for criminal justice BS degree-law enforcement specialist option: 134

Law Enforcement Specialist Option

This option is for students planning to concentrate in the law enforcement area of the criminal justice system. Students prepare for administrative and management positions with municipal, county, state and federal agencies. The program includes the entire basic training curriculum required by law in the State of Michigan to be a practicing law enforcement officer.

The option is certified by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES). Graduates, who successfully complete the program and meet the minimum employment standards, are qualified for placement in Michigan police agencies.

Students enrolling in this option must meet all the pre-employment screening standards required by MCOLES.

Admission Requirements

Admission into the Law Enforcement option is granted on a competitive basis, as space permits, and a minimum GPA of 2.5 is required.

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