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Philosophy Minor MIN

Degree Type: Minor

College(s): Arts and Sciences

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
Required Courses
PHIL 203 Ancient Through Medieval 3
PHIL 204 Modern Philosophy 3
Choose three credits
PHIL 216 Introduction to Ethics 3
PHIL 217 Introduction to Logic 3
Electives: Choose nine credits
PHIL 115 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PHIL 218 Philosophy of Sex and Love 3
PHIL 220 Ethics in Health Care 3
PHIL 305 Feminist and Gender Theory 3
PHIL 310 Contemporary Philosophy 3
PHIL 315 Political & Social Philosophy 3
PHIL 320 Biomedical Ethics 3
RELG 215 Comparative Religions 3
RELG 325 Eastern Religions 3
RELG 326 Western Religions 3

Why Choose the Philosophy Minor?

Philosophy is the basis of any discipline, whether it is science, math, medicine, literature, legal studies, history or technology. As a result, philosophy allows students the opportunity to discover the intellectual history and cultural context to any area of study. In addition, the minor allows students to develop writing and critical thinking skills that are essential to job placement and advancement.

Admission Requirements

This philosophy minor is open to any student admitted to Ferris State and pursuing a baccalaureate degree. The minor is designed to complement any Ferris major program. Students may use only one-third of the credits in a minor that oerlap with the student's major. For example: If a minor is 18 credits, 6 credits may be applied to the minor that are also used in the major. Students may apply 6 credit hours of overlap between minors.

Graduation Requirements

An academic minor may only be awarded upon completion of a baccalaureate degree at Ferris State. This minor requires a minimum of 18 credits with a minimum 2.0 grade average in these courses.

Also, 50 percent of the credits for a minor must be taught by Ferris State University.

More Information

Advisor: Dr. John Gray
Campus Address: JOH 110
Phone: 231-591-3515
Email: grayj14@ferris.edu

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