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Secondary Endorsement to Elementary Provisional Certificate CT

Degree Type: Certificate

College(s): Education and Human Services

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
EDUC 508 Inst of Exceptional Learners 3
EDUC 518 Diversity Classroom-Workplace 3
EDUC 520 Tchg Reading Elem-Middle Sch 1 3
EDUC 521 Tchg Reading Elem-Middle Sch 2 3
EDUC 531 Tchg Eval Lang Art-SS Elem-MS 3
EDUC 532 Tchg Eval Math-Sci Elem Mid Sc 3
EDUC 533 1
EDUC 593 Experienced Teacher Review 1-8

Why Choose the Secondary Endorsement to Elementary Provisional Certificate?

This program is designed for persons with a Secondary Provisional Certificate who are seeking an Elementary Endorsement. Students seeking this endorsement must complete all major/minor and planned program requirements for Elementary Provisional Certification. Course requirements for elementary teaching majors and minors are described on their individual program sheets.   Students must also have a course that focuses on preadolescents and early adolescents.

Candidates for an elementary-level teaching certificate must pass the Elementary Education test. Candidates for an elementary-level teaching certificate who wish to teach in classrooms in grades 6-8 in specific subject areas must also pass the appropriate subject-area tests in order to qualify for the endorsements. Students wanting the ZA endorsement must also complete the early childhood minor.

Please contact the School of Education Certification Officer at 231-591-5375 for additional information on state requirements.

More Information

College of Education & Human Services
Bishop Hall Room 421
Ferris State University
1349 Cramer Circle
Big Rapids, MI 49307-2737
Phone: 231-591-5361

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