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Reading Certificate Programs CT

Degree Type: Certificate

College(s): Education and Human Services

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
Certificate I (select 3 of 5 courses)
ERLA 501 Understand Literacy - Lang Dev 3
ERLA 511 Literacy - Content Learning 3
ERLA 522 3
ERLA 530 Literacy Assessment 3
ERLA 536 3
Certificate II * (select 3 of 5 courses)
ERLA 504 3
ERLA 507 3
ERLA 533 Students Reading Difficulties 3
ERLA 539 3
ERLA 550 Lrng Envir-Liter Diverse Popul 3
Certificate III * (select 3 of 5 courses)
ERLA 516 Trends and Issues in Literacy 3
ERLA 600 3
ERLA 609 3
ERLA 660 3
* (course should not be taken if seeking (BR) endorsement only)
ERLA 699 3
* (course should not be taken if seeking (BR) endorsement only)
A (BR) endorsement program is 27 credits as approved by advisor.
*Each certificate requires 9 credits for completion. Certificate I is a prerequisite for Certificate II. Certificate II is a prerequisite for Certificate III.

Why choose the Reading Certificate Programs?

GRADUATE LEVEL (BR Endorsement) These certificate programs are generally for anyone who would like a greater background in the area of reading, but does not necessarily need a formal master's degree or a K-12 reading endorsement. The Reading Certificates are especially ideal for certified teachers who are seeking a Reading (BR) specialist, but not a master's degree. Upon completion of an advisor-approved 27 credit hours of certificate requirements, the student is eligible to apply for a Michigan Reading Specialist endorsement. The reading specialist subject area test must be passed in order to qualify for the endorsement. Courses in the Reading Certificate Programs can be applied to the Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction.

More Information

College of Education & Human Services
Bishop Hall Room 421
Ferris State University
1349 Cramer Circle
Big Rapids, MI 49307-2737
Phone: 231-591-5361

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