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Business Administration/Design and Innovation Management Concentration MBADIM

Degree Type: Master of Business Administration

College(s): Business

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
Foundation Courses Required: (may waive for demonstrated competencies)
MMBA 501 Professional Skills Develop 3
MMBA 505 Numerical and Data Analysis 3
MMBA 506 Fin-Acct Sys and Analysis 3
MMBA 607 3
Core Courses Required:
MMBA 612 Intro Performance Metrics 3
MMBA 625 Organizational Leadership 3
MISI 629 Legal, Ethical and Fraud Iss 3
MMBA 635 Organization Resource Systems 3
MMBA 710 Strategic Planning Systems 3
MMBA 720 Global Business Economics 3
MMBA 730 Customer Systems 3
MMBA 760 Process Management Systems 3
MMBA 799 Integrated Business Experience 3
Concentration Courses Required:
KDES 650 Design-Innovation Process 3
KDES 651 Design Communication Mgmt 3
KDES 750 Sustainable Design-Systems 3
KDES 751 Leadership by Design 3
Minimum number of credits required: 39

Why Choose the Master of Business Administration?

The 39-48 semester hour MBA addresses the increased focus on organizational performance assessment and improvement, our MBA is not a clone of competitive offerings. Using the Malcolm Baldrige criteria as a means of bringing to life performance management systems, this program provides its graduates with the means of immediately making a contribution to the firms for whom they work. To facilitate this, our faculty bring an exceptional array of experience to the class, including extensive academic and practitioner experience, as well as relevant perspective derived from serving as examiners for assessment efforts such as Malcolm Baldrige and the Michigan Quality Council.

The curricula consists of three courses focusing on foundation knowledge (may be waived based upon demonstrated competency), nine courses which address core knowledge and include an integrated business experience, and four courses that focus on the students concentration of choice.

The MBA program is offered in 7-week sessions, year-round, primarily online, in order to accommodate the competing professional and personal demands on our students. Working individuals taking just one course every seven weeks can complete degree requirements in about two years. Full time students may complete degree requirements in as few as 16 months.

Invest in Your Future

This state-of-the-art MBA is designed for professionals interested in acquiring the management tools and skills needed to be successful in the world's leading organizations, with a wide selection of specializations.

The Design and Innovation Management certificate prepares graduates for leadership positions in design-centered businesses. The program provides studentes a comprehensive understanding of the ways in whicih the method, measure, and language of design drive the practice of business and the process of innovation and teaches them how to cultivate and build a culture of innovation within their organization. (Offered at Kendall College of Art and Design.)

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the MBA-ASDI program must have earned a bachelor degree from a regionally accredited university with an overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.75 or better on a 4-point scale, and a 3.0 GPA or better in the Junior and Senior level courses, and submit the following documents for consideration:

  • Completed application (Submit printed application, or apply on-line at https://apply.ferris.edu)
  • Official transcripts for all colleges and universities attended, which include confirmation of Bachelor degree. (Original documents become property of Ferris State University and cannot be returned.)
  • Current resume.
  • Statement of Purpose, approximately one typed page, explaining your reasons for seeking admission into the MBA program. Your Statement of Purpose should show that you have taken steps to learn about our programs and are familiar with and prepared for on-line or mixed-delivery, accelerated courses. You should also explain what factors have influenced your decision to apply, and how this degree will help you achieve your short-term and long-term career goals.
  • Three academic or professional recommendation letters attesting to your ability to succeed in graduate level studies.
  • Official GMAT score of 500 or higher, or GRE score in the upper 50th percentile with the analytical writing score at 2.5 or higher. (Waiver of test requirement will be considered if applicant has a 3.5 or better GPA in their Bachelor degree).

  • Graduation Requirements

    The MBA is awarded to those individuals who have completed the 39 - 48 hour requirement with a minimum accumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater and no course less than 2.0.

    More Information

    College of Business Graduate Programs
    119 South Street, BUS 212
    Big Rapids, Mi 49307-2434
    Phone: 231-591-2168
    E-mail: yosts@ferris.edu
    Web: www.ferris.edu/business/programs/MBA

    The College of Business is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP.) Next Accreditation Review is February 2018

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