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Digital Animation and Game Design ZDAO

Degree Type: Bachelor of Applied Science

College(s): Education and Human Services

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
BLAW 321 Contracts and Sales 3
DAGD 100 3D Modeling - Animation 1 3
DAGD 101 2D Visualization - Storyboards 3
DAGD 102 Story Devel for Film - Gaming 3
DAGD 103 3D Visual Drawing - Sculpture 3
DAGD 104 Digital Imaging 3
DAGD 150 Intr Game Design - Development 3
DAGD 180 Intro Digital Video 3
DAGD 204 Digital Imaging for 3D 3
DAGD 220 3
DAGD 230 3D Modeling - Animation 2 3
DAGD 260 Multimedia 1 3
DAGD 310 Interaction Design 3
DAGD 315 Digital Media Productions 3
DAGD 340 Junior Project 3
DAGD 491 Applied Internship 3
DAGD 499 Capstone 3
SENG 100 Intro to Computer Programming 3
Additional 12 credit hours of electives including a 300+ advisor approved elective.
Plus One Application Domain
General Application Domain
DAGD 185 Digital Audio Production 3
DAGD 300 Level Design 3
DAGD 335 3D Modeling - Animation 3 3
DAGD 375 Advanced 3D - Character 3
DAGD 385 Adv Mod-Anim-Vehicle-Structure 3
DAGD 420 Applied Digital Simulation 3
DAGD 430 Digital FX 3
DAGD 460 Multimedia 2 3
3D Animation Application Domain
DAGD 335 3D Modeling - Animation 3 3
DAGD 375 Advanced 3D - Character 3
DAGD 380 Digital Sculpting 3
DAGD 385 Adv Mod-Anim-Vehicle-Structure 3
DAGD 430 Digital FX 3
DAGD Advisor Approved Elective 3
Game Development Application Domain
SENG 101 Computer Programming 1 3
DAGD 300 Level Design 3
DAGD 320 Multiplayer Game Program 3
DAGD 420 Applied Digital Simulation 3
DAGD 460 Multimedia 2 3
DAGD Advisor Approved Elective

Why choose Digital Animation & Game Design?

The Digital Animation and Game Design program at the Grand Rapids campus is focused on educating students in the latest tools and technology used to create digital and interactive content to offer a multitude of futures for its graduates, from 3D animation to simulation to game design. The required general education classes are targeted to future employees in digital technology as well as providing general knowledge and skills that will be useful in many aspects of life. The foundation classes provide depth of knowledge applicable to any digital technology field with classes in design, business, 3D animation, and programming. Students can further focus their studies by concentrating in areas of Game Development, 3D animation, or a general concentration that combines the strongest elements of digital media. Before graduating, all students will also complete an internship to give them the real-world experience and the people connections necessary to succeed in their chosen profession.

Career Opportunities

The DAGD program offers students the opportunity to actively compete in many growing industries such as:

  • Game Design and Asset Creation
  • Film
  • Television
  • Medical Visualization
  • Architectural Flythroughs
  • Legal Simulation
  • Web Development
  • Educational Software
  • Product Design
  • Independent Content Creation - Create your own!

Admission Requirements

Recent high school graduates need an ACT composite score of 19 and a high school grade point average of 2.50 (on a 4.0 scale). Students transferring from another college should refer to www.ferris.edu and choose -Transfer Student from the "Quick Links" pull-down menu to review Ferris' policy regarding admissions criteria for transfer students. All courses transferred into Ferris must be "C" or higher including courses used in the DAGD required core and recommended electives. Students with an Associate's Degree can transfer a general education course(s) with less than a "C" grade.

Students must submit a portfolio for departmental review to be evaluated for acceptance into the program additional details available at http://www.ferris.edu/HTMLS/colleges/educatio/DigitalMedia/dagd/index.htm

More Information

School of Digital Media
Ferris State University
1349 Cramer Circle, Bishop Hall 303
Big Rapids, MI 49307
phone: 231-591-2712
fax: 231-591-2060

Graduation Requirements

The Digital Animation and Game Design program at Ferris leads to a bachelor of applied science degree. Graduation requires a minimum 2.0 CUMULATIVE GPA in all courses and a 2.50 CUMULATIVE GPA in REQUIRED DAGD classes. A total of 124 credit hours must be completed for graduation.

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