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Film Studies FIST

Degree Type: Minor

College(s): Arts and Sciences

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
Required Courses
FILM 222 Intro to Film:History-Analysis 3
FILM 253 American Movies 3
Electives: Choose 12 credits from the following:
ARTH 310 History of 20th Century Art 3
FILM 353 Directors 3
FILM 360 Gender and Race in Film 3
HUMN 240 Popular Culture 3
MUSI 236 Music in Film 3
LITR 243 Literature and Film 3
TVPR 243 3
TVPR 277 3
COMM 385 Broadcast Writing 3
TVPR 326 3

Why Choose the Film Studies Minor?

Film is one of the most important art forms and entertainment forms in U.S. culture. The production and distribution of images in film and television parallels many areas of study in areas like Marketing, Business, Printing Technology and Visual Communication. Furthermore, the interpretation and analysis required in Film Studies compliment the study of Literature and Communication and involve theories relevant to Psychology and Sociology. This is why Film Studies would be a good compliment to many programs.

Admission Requirements

This Film Studies minor is open to any student admitted to Ferris State and pursuing a baccalaureate degree. The minor is designed to compliment any Ferris major program. Students may use only one-third of the credits in a minor that overlap with the student's major. For example: If a minor is 18 credits, 6 credits may be applied to the minor that are also used in the major. Students may apply 6 credit hours of overlap between minors.

Graduation Requirements

An academic minor may only be awarded upon completion of a baccalaureate degree at Ferris State.

More Information

Humanities Department
1009 Campus Drive, JOH 119
Big Rapids, MI 49307-2280
Phone: (231) 591-3675

Advisor: Dr. Robert Quist
Office: 1009 Campus Drive, JOH 116
Phone:   231-591-2071
E-mail: quistr@ferris.edu

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