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Manufacturing Technology MFGT

Degree Type: Associate in Applied Science

College(s): Engineering Technology

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
Core Technical Courses
MFGT 110 Theory of Prod Machined Comp 3
MFGT 113 Overview of Prod Machined Comp 1
MFGT 114 Prod Machined Comp 2
MFGT 160 Basic Metrology 1
PDET 122 Parametric Modeling 2
MFGE 113 2
MFGT 140 Basic CNC Programming 2
MFGT 141 CNC Machine Operation 1
MFGT 220 Advanced CNC Programming 2
MFGT 222 CNC System Utilization 1
MATL 240 Intro to Material Science 4
Manufacturing Technology - Tooling Concentration
MFGT 130 Theory of Prod Fix Assemblies 3
MFGT 131 Prod Fixture Assemblies 3
MFGT 210 Theory of Prod Metalform Tool 2
MFGT 213 Prod Metalform Tooling 2
PLTS 325 Plastics Technology for MET 2
MFGT 231 Prod Plastic Mold Tooling 2
Manufacturing Technology - Process Concentration
PLTS 110, or
PLTS 325

PLTS 121, or
RUBR 121
EEET 201 Electrical Fundamentals 3
EEET 301 Controls for Automation 3
WELD 146 2
MECH 250 Fluid Power With Controls 2
MGMT 350 Mgmt Metrics & Decision Making 3
ISYS 200 Database Design-Implementation 3
ISYS 204 Introduction to Visual Basic 3
ENGL 150 English 1 3
ENGL 250, OR
ENGL 211
COMM 121 Fundamentals-Public Speaking 3
MATH 115 Intermediate Algebra 3
MATH 120 Trigonometry 3
MATH 130 Adv Algebra-Analytical Trig 4
CHEM 114, OR
PHYS 211
Cultural Enrichment Course 3
Social Awareness Course 3
Freshman Seminar
FSUS 100 Ferris State Univ Seminar 1

Why Choose Manufacturing Technology?

The Manufacturing Technology program is the only manufacturing technology program in Michigan and one of a few in the country that offers two individual career pathway concentrations. Prospective students have a choice of Manufacturing Processing Technology, or Manufacturing Tooling Technology.

You will develop a solid technical foundation through the application of processing technology and tooling operations. You will learn to apply relevant calculations, work in a parametric environment, utilize precision metrology equipment, plan machining processes, specify tooling, equipment requirements, interpret CAD data, and utilize manual and CNC machining equipment.   Two CNC courses take you through 2-D manual G-code programming, 2-D and 3-D programming, and 3-D CAD/CAM programming.

All courses feature project-based learning in well-equipped facilities. Lab time alone accumulates to nearly 1,000 hours of applied experience. Course projects focus on manufacturing processing, problem solving and take you through the costing, designing, building, setup, tryout and troubleshooting of manufacturing processes and tooling operations.

This program provides an excellent foundation for any manufacturing-related career. Graduates often use it as a stepping stone to a related bachelor’s degree program.

Career Opportunities

Because nearly every manufacturing industry requires skilled professionals with a solid foundation in manufacturing processing and tooling operations, graduates of the Manufacturing Technology program are in high demand and have an array of options to choose from upon graduation.

The Manufacturing Technology degree is designed to prepare students to enter industry directly. Many of the career opportunities include: tooling operations, machining operations, manufacturing and engineering operations, computer programming operations, CNC operations, and general manufacturing applications. The program provides students with laboratory projects, career based education, and specific industrial skill sets.

With additional experience and/or education, graduates can move into occupations such as Process Engineer, Tooling Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Project Engineer, and Technical Instructor, as well as, all levels of management. Graduates, who decide to continue their education can stay at Ferris and, within two additional years, earn a bachelor�s degree in one of many related programs.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the College of Technology is open to high school graduates who demonstrate academic preparedness, maturity and seriousness of purpose with backgrounds appropriate to their chosen program of study. Among first-time students in our technical programs, the average high school GPA is 2.8, and the average ACT composite score is 20.

Students entering the Manufacturing Technology program must be high school graduates with a minimum 2.5 GPA. Admission to the technology sequence requires a minimum ACT math sub score of 19 and MATH 115 placement.

Students may qualify for college credit while still in high school. Contact your counselor or the Manufacturing Technology program coordinator (231-591-2511) for details, or visit our homepage at www.ferris.edu/mfgt.

Graduation Requirements

The Manufacturing Technology program at Ferris leads to an associate in applied science degree. Graduation requires a minimum 2.0 GPA in the major and overall. Students must complete all general education requirements as outlined on the General Education website.

More Information

College of Engineering Technology
Ferris State University
1009 Campus Drive
Big Rapids, MI 49307-2280
Phone: 231-591-2890

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