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Secondary Education Geography Minor GEO

Degree Type: Minor

College(s): Education and Human Services

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
Directed Electives
PLSC 121 Amer Gov 1-People and Politics 3
PLSC 122 Amer Gov 2-Policy Making 3
HIST 121 US History to 1877 3
HIST 122 US History - 1877 to Present 3
ECON 221 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
ECON 222 Principles of Microeconomics 3
Required Courses
GEOG 100 Geography of World Regions 3
GEOG 111 Geography of Phys Environment 4
GEOG 201 Geography of US and Canada 3
GEOG 301 Geog of MI and Great Lakes Reg 3
GEOG 311 Social Aspects of GIS 3
GEOG 424 Current Global Problems 3
GEOG 450 Geography Teaching Methods 3
SSCI 425 Issues in Public Policy 3
Total 25

Teaching Minors for Secondary Education Majors

The Secondary Education program requires the completion of a teaching major and a teaching minor to fulfill the subject area requirements of the program.

Secondary Education majors may choose an appropriate teaching minors from the following areas: biology, chemistry, English, geography, history, mathematics, political science, spanish, or speech communication.

You cannot have a geography teaching major with this minor.

A 2.75 GPA is required for successful completion of this minor.

More Information

College of Education & Human Services
Ferris State University
1349 Cramer Circle
Bishop Hall Room 601
Big Rapids, MI 49307-2737
Phone: 231-591-5361

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