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Health Care Systems Administration HCSA

Degree Type: Bachelor of Science

College(s): College of Health Professions

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
Professional Requirements 56 credits required
COHP 300 Health Information Systems 3
HCSA 120 Health Services Administration 3
HCSA 202 Health Care Law 1 3
MRIS 209 Quality Mgmt in Health Care 3
MRIS 221 Foundations of Reimbursement 3
HCSA 310 Health Care Finance 2 3
HCSA 336 Health Care Supervisory Pract 4
HCSA 345 Internship Orientation 1
HCSA 392 Hospital Internship 6
HCSA 225 International Health Care 3
HCSA 326 Health Care Personnel Practice 3
HCSA 402 Health Care Law 2 3
HCSA 461 Nursing Home Administration 3
HCSA 410 Health Care Finance 3 4
HCSA 460 Principles of Long Term Care 3
HCSA 474 Health Care Strategic Applicat 4
HCSA 475 Practice Mgmt in Health Care 3
HCSA 493 Management Internship 10
Professional Support Requirements 11 credits required
*ISYS 105 or competency 3
ISYS 200 Database Design-Implementation 3
ACCT 201 Principles of Accounting 1 3
COHP 317 Public Health Administration 2
ENGL 321 Advanced Composition 3
ENGL 323 Proposal Writing 3
Core Requirements 11 credits required
COHP 101 The U.S. Health Care System 3
COHP 102 Safety Issues in Health Care 1
COHP 350 Statistics in Health Care 3
MRIS 103 Medical Terminology 4
Communication Competence 12 credits required
*Communication Select one of the following: COMM 105, 121, 200, 201, 221, 251 3
ENGL 150 English 1 3
ENGL 250 English 2 3
ENGL 311 Advanced Technical Writing 3
ENGL 325 Advanced Business Writing 3
Scientific Understanding 7 - 8 credits required
BIOL 109 Basic Human Anatomy-Physiology 4
Select one course from the General Education Scientific Understanding List 3 - 4
Quantitative Skills 3 credits required
MATH 115 with grade of C- or better, or ACT Math subscore of 24
Social Awareness 9 credits required
* Select three courses from the General Education Social Awareness list. Courses must be in at least two different subject areas.
Social Awareness Foundation Course 3
Social Awareness Elective 3
Social Awareness Elective 200 level or higher 3
Cultural Enrichment 9 credits required
* Select three courses from the General Education Cultural Enrichment List.
* No more than 5 credit hours in music or theater activities courses.
Cultural Enrichment Elective 3
Cultural Enrichment Elective 3
Cultural Enrichment Elective 200 level or higher 3
Electives 6 - 7 credits required - related electives are met for dual enrolled students with their clinical courses.
Credit hours required for graduation: 126 - 127

Why Choose Health Care Systems Administration?

As the health care industry continues to grow and expand, the demand for skilled health care managers also increases. Employment is expected to grow faster than average with the fastest growth in home health agencies, residential care facilities and practitioners' offices and clinics. This program has been designed in two formats, one for students who enter the program either as freshmen or who transfer into the program after having completed an associate degree and the second for students who wish to complete a bachelor's degree while enrolled in a clinical associate degree program.

The course work, which includes courses in management, marketing, accounting, quality assurance, health care finance, health care planning and long-term care management prepares you to work in many areas in health-care. Graduates are able to apply for an entry level administration position or enter graduate school to earn a master's degree.

The Health Care Systems Administration program also is offered in Grand Rapids. In the Grand Rapids program, the professional courses are offered in the evenings. General education requirements may be taken at a local college or university and transferred to fulfill Ferris graduation requirements. A minimum of 30 semester credit hours must be earned at Ferris in order for the degree to be granted.

Career Opportunities

The term 'health services manager' encompasses individuals in many different positions who plan, organize, coordinate, and supervise the delivery of health care. Health services managers include both generalists (administrators who manage or help to manage an entire facility or system), and health specialists (managers in charge of specific departments or services found only in the health care industry).

Earnings of health services managers vary by type and size of facility, level of responsibility and geographic region. The May 2011 Occupational Employment and Wages Report distributed by the U.S. Department of Labor provides the following:

  • General medical and surgical hospitals: $104,410
  • Home health care services: $93,710
  • Nursing care facilities: $81,360
  • Offices of physicians: $100,940
  • Outpatient care centers: $95,260

  • Admission Requirements

    Applicants for admission to the Health Care Systems Administration program must have a 2.5 GPA in high school or college work and one year of high school algebra with a 'C-' or better. Students can enter the program from any associate degree program or directly from high school.

    Graduation Requirements

    The Health Care Systems Administration program at Ferris leads to a bachelor of science degree. Graduation requires a minimum 2.25 GPA overall. Students must earn a 'C' or better in professional (HCSA) courses, many of the professional support, and core courses.

    Please refer to the Progression Policy for Health Care Systems Administration Program at the following link:

    Students must meet all general education requirements as outlined on the General Education website. Also, students must either have an ACT math subscore of 24 or better, complete MATH 115 or pass a proficiency exam.

    More Information

    College of Health Professions
    Ferris State University
    200 Ferris Drive
    Big Rapids, MI 49307-2740
    or call 1-800-462-8553, ext. 2266

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