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Ornamental Horticulture Technology OHT

Degree Type: Associate in Applied Science

College(s): Arts and Sciences

Required Courses  Credit Hours 
General Education
This degree requires completion of the General Education requirements for an Associate in Applied Science degree. Details of these requirements are delineated on the General Education website. Courses listed below as program/major required courses with the indicators: C, S, Z, R, G, may also be used to satisfy some of these general education requirements.
MATH 115 Intermediate Algebra 3
BIOL 113 Basic Botany 3
HORT 111 3
HORT 112 3
HORT 136 3
HORT 138 4
HORT 143 4
HORT 150 4
HORT 151 4
HORT 152 2
HORT 201 3
HORT 225 4
HORT 250 1
HORT 291 5
MGMT 310 Small Business Management 3
Minimum credit hours required for A.A.S. degree: 60

Why Choose Ornamental Horticulture Technology?

This two-year Associate of Applied Science degree prepares students for a wide range of horticultural careers. Golf course superintendent, greenhouse grower, public garden horticulturist, turfgrass management, landscape/grounds management and pest management are some of the many career options available. The program utilizes a broad-based approach to instruction. The OHT program provides hands-on instruction. Students are prepared for a career in horticulture using the same equipment and techniques used by the professionals in the field. Students learn installation, maintenance, and health diagnosis of landscape plants while considering their aesthetic and functional importance. Skills in landscape design, greenhouse environments, propagation, and turfgrass management are also established.

Training is conducted on our beautifully landscaped campus and Katke Golf Course. Instructional facilities also include a state-of-the-art computerized rooftop greenhouse. Additionally, internships provide students with the experience, training, and practical skills future employers expect.

In addition to the numerous job positions available upon graduation, this degree offers other options as well. Students may build upon this program to earn a bachelorís degree. Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Business Administration, and Applied Biology are some of the most popular bachelor degree options.

Traditionally, students begin coursework in the fall. However, to accommodate individual needs, students may begin studies in any semester.

Get a Great Job

The ornamental horticulture industry in Michigan and in the United States is experiencing steady growth from year to year. The demand for highly skilled employees continues to rise.

Admission Requirements

First year student admission is open to high school graduates (or equivalent) who demonstrate academic preparedness, maturity and seriousness of purpose with educational backgrounds appropriate to their chosen program of study. High school courses and grade point average, ACT composite score, and ACT reading and mathematics subscores will be considered in the admission and placement process. Transfer students must have at least 12 credits at the time of application with a minimum 2.0 overall GPA including an English and mathematics course, or they must provide their high school records and ACT scores for admission review.

Graduation Requirements

The Ornamental Horticulture Technology program leads to an associate in applied science degree. Graduation requires a minimum 2.0 GPA overall. Students must complete 60 credits including all general education requirements as outlined on the General Education website.

More Information

Department of Biological Sciences
Ferris State University
820 Campus Drive/ASC 2004
Big Rapids, MI 49307-2225
Phone: 231-591-2550

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