2019-2020 Catalog (Current)

Allied Health Sciences

Degree Type: Associate in Applied Science
College(s): College of Health Professions

Why Choose Allied Health Sciences?

The Associate of Applied Science in Allied Health Sciences degree provides an opportunity for three separate groups of students to earn a degree. First are those students who are required to enroll in an associate degree program while earning qualification or meeting requirements for entry into a bachelor degree program. Second the program benefits students who choose to only complete an associate degree program. And the third group of individuals who benefit from this degree are those who have a credential or license in a health profession but who require a degree for employment enhancement.

The program allows students to develop competencies that can be matched with their intended career and/or educational goals. Students can also earn certificate options within the degree that will provide additional specificity.

Career Opportunities

Although it is not the intent of this degree to prepare students for a specific career, it does prepare graduates for entry level or healthcare support positions within healthcare agencies that require a background in medical terminology and an understanding of the health care field. This degree may open doors to other professional opportunities or inspire an interest in advanced study.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare support positions for associate degree graduates are projected to grow by about 23 percent between 2014 and 2024 (http://www.bls.gov/careeroutlook/2015/article/projections-occupation.htm).

Admission Requirements

Students must meet university admission standards to enter the associate degree program. Students may enter the program in the fall, spring or summer semester.

General Education Requirements

All University General Education requirements for an Associate’s degree is here

Please consult this link for a complete listing of General Education Electives. 

 Consult the Required Course above or program advisor for program specific General Education requirements.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the program, students must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better, earn a minimum of 15 credit hours from Ferris State University, and have earned a minimum total of 60 credits.

More Information

College of Health Professions
Ferris State University
200 Ferris Drive
Big Rapids, MI 49307-2740
Phone: 231-591-2270

Required Courses
Credit Hours

Option Courses

One course of each set of two must be taken.
The U.S. Health Care System
Safety Issues in Health Care
Basic Human Anatomy-Physiology
Human Anatomy-Physiology
Interpersonal Communication
Fundamentals-Public Speaking
Small Group Decision Making


Cultural Enrichment Electives
Social Awareness Electives
General Electives

Required Courses

The following courses must be competed.
English 1
English 2
Intro Micro Systems-Software
Fundamentals of Algebra
Orientation to Medical Vocabul