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Industrial Chemistry - Manufacturing Concentration

Degree Type: Bachelor of Science
College(s): College of Arts and Sciences

Why Choose Industrial Chemistry Manufacturing Concentration?

Students in the Industrial Chemistry program are trained in organic, analytical, physical, and biological chemistry. In addition, coursework and experience provide skills and practical application in the areas of safety issues, instrumental analysis, and fermentation.

This program is designed to prepare students with the lab experience necessary to build a career in chemistry along with the theoretical underpinnings and supporting knowledge needed to advance in such a career.

All classes are taught with an emphasis on practical application and problem solving, culminating in an internship experience.  This allows each student to apply the skills and knowledge they have gained in a real-world, commercial setting.

Career Opportunities

Industries in Michigan, the Midwest, and throughout the entire country are using increasingly sophisticated chemical procedures, processes, and instrumentation.  Consequently, industrial leaders are becoming more concerned about health hazards and safety factors. These companies need chemists and chemical professionals that are experienced and ready to work.  Many managers seek Ferris graduates to fill the demand.

Graduates find jobs in a variety of industries, including chemical, plastics, pharmaceutical, environmental, paint, food, automotive, petroleum and personal care products. 

Admission Requirements

First year student admission is open to high school graduates (or equivalent) who demonstrate academic preparedness, maturity, and seriousness of purpose with educational backgrounds appropriate to their chosen program of study. High school courses and grade point average, ACT/SAT16 composite score, and ACT/SAT16 Reading and Mathematics subscores will be considered in the admission and placement process. Transfer students must have at least 12 credits at the time of application with a minimum 2.0 overall GPA including an English and mathematics course, or they must provide their high school records and ACT/SAT16 scores for admission review.

General Education Requirements

All University General Education requirements for a Bachelor’s degree is here

Please consult this link for a complete listing of General Education Electives.

Consult the Required Courses above or the program advisor for program specific General Education requirements.

Graduation Requirements

The Industrial Chemistry - Manufacturing program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. Graduation requires a minimum 2.0 GPA overall and a minimum of 120 credits including completion of all general education requirements as outlined on the General Education website. No grade lower than a 'C' is acceptable in courses that apply to the major, supporting sciences, and application area of the program. At least 50% of the semester credits applying toward the Biology major must be completed at FSU with a minimum of 30 FSU credits overall. Minimum of 40 credits at the 300+ level. Students may earn only one degree in Chemistry (either Chemistry BA, Biochemistry BA or Industrial Chemistry BS). 

More Information

MAJOR ADVISOR: Dr. Mark Thomson  
PHONE: 231-591-2590

Department of Physical Sciences
Ferris State University
820 Campus Drive/ASC 3021
Big Rapids, MI 49307-2225
Phone: 231-591-2580

Required Courses
Credit Hours

General Education

This degree requires completion of the General Education requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree. Details of these requirements are delineated on the General Education website. Courses listed below as program/major required courses with the indicators: C, S, Z, R, G, may also be used to satisfy some of these general education requirements.
Major Required Courses
General Chemistry 1
General Chemistry 2
Orient to Industrial Chem Tech
Safety- The Chemical Lab
Quantitative Analysis
Indust Chemical Calculations
Chem Manufacturing-Analysis
Instrumental Analysis
Organic Chemistry 1
Organic Chemistry 2
Fund of Biochemistry
Chemical Manf and Analysis II
Inorganic Chemistry
Intro to Physical Chemistry
Chemistry Internship
Introductory Physics 1
Introductory Physics 2
Analytical Geometry-Calculus 1
Stats for the Life Sciences
Choose One:
Programming - Problem Solving
Engr Graphics Comprehensive
Survey Plastics-Elastomer Tech
Plastics Technology for MET
Plastic Material Select-PDET
Course credits to reach the minimum of 120 credits required for this degree.
300+ level coursework (if not taken in Cultural Enrichment or Social Awareness as part of General Education.