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Machine Learning Certificate

Degree Type: Certificate
College(s): College of Education and Human Services

Why Choose Machine Learning Certificate?

Machine learning is transforming the world!

“Just as electricity transformed almost everything 100 years ago, Today I actually have a hard time thinking of an industry that I don’t think AI (artificial intelligence) will transform in the next several years” –Andrew NG.

The phenomenon of Big Data means that volumes of data being produced and collected make it impossible for humans to use classic ways to generate knowledge. Using machine learning becomes an essential function for organizations not only in the field of Information Technology(IT) but in all fields to extract insights from this data to use it for our benefit!

The diversity of fields in which data is being collected is unprecedented. Through various internet technologies, data is being collected for every human, machine and natural event!

Every business is looking for ways to improve their processes and operations using machine learning.

This represents an opportunity for machine learning engineers!


What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is the science of giving the computer the ability to learn from experience without being specifically programmed. Instead of programming the computer with every variation of rule beforehand, Machine Learning offers an alternative, where you let the machine discover the rules automatically through inspecting the data that you have.

Science is mainly about making sense of the observations made by the human race and then utilizing that to create application features that take our applications to the next level.

  • Applications that help self-driving cars
  • Applications that helps the machine recognize images with human-like accuracy!
  • Applications that help computers auto-translate full transcripts and maybe write new ones too
  • Applications that help machines recognize voice commands and respond!

All of these are powered by modern Machine Learning algorithms!

Why should I take a Machine Learning class?

This certificate is focused on preparing students to build complete machine learning applications starting from data collection and preprocessing into designing the pipeline and deploying a fully functional solution in the Cloud. This certificate offers a way to gain cutting edge knowledge for software engineers currently in the industry and offers a path into the software industry for professionals or students in other fields.

Career Opportunities

The certificate prepares students to build machine learning-based applications including the complete pipeline.

This opens up limitless opportunities for students to explore opportunities in the following dimensions:

A-  Implementing machine learning technologies for software companies

B-  Exploiting machine learning technologies to extract insights from data and build applications for companies from any field that generate data

C-  Pursue entrepreneurship opportunities by building their unique apps for areas in demand in the market!


Companies in all vertical fields are in the phase of exploring how to use machine learning to improve their operations. This means students can target opportunities in:

  •  Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • The Automotive Industry
  • Government
  • Transportation 
  • Energy Industries
  • Manufacturing

And of course the software industry!


Wherever there is data to be inspected and utilized, you will have an opportunity!

What is the employment outlook for the Machine Learning industry?

Machine Learning engineer was number of the list of jobs on LinkedIn based on the rate of growth. Machine Learning and Data Science roles are the fields with the highest growth in demand within the software industry. These roles have grown over 650% since 2012 with around 1800 open jobs in the US at the moment. There is a high demand in the industry for this specialization within software engineering with solid future prospects for that field.

Main Roles this certificate prepares you for (depending on your background and focus):


1-  Machine learning software engineer (machine learning engineer)

2-  Data scientist

3-  Technical Business consultant –Machine Learning 

4-  Software implementation consultant - Machine Learning

5-  Game Developer – AI/ML focused 

6-  Deep learning specialist

Admission Requirements

It is expected that applicants have programming fundamentals in any high-level programming language.

Graduation Requirements

In addition to meeting all of the programmatic requirements, students must:

  1. Maintain a 2.70 cumulative FSU GPA
  2. Earn no individual course grade lower than a 2.00
  3. Earn 50% of the certificate credits from FSU (Residency)
  4. Earn a maximum of 50% of certificate credits that overlap with their major
  5. A term prior to completion of the certificate, log into MyFSU and complete the "Apply for Graduation". The application can be accessed in MyFSU under "Student Records".

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