2019-2020 Catalog (Current)

Honors Program Associate Level

Degree Type: Certificate
College(s): Retention and Student Success

Why Choose an Associate's Level Honors Program?

 Students who choose the Honors Program want to get the most out of their college experience. The opportunities provided in Honors allow students to gain experience and explore interests beyond their primary major or program.   

What is an Honors Program?

The Honors Program at Ferris State University’s purpose is to provide intellectual challenges, resources, and support to highly able and motivated students while encouraging service and leadership for the public good. 

Honors Programs provide enriching curricular and co-curricular opportunities for students regardless of their major who want to graduate with well-rounded experiences so that they can succeed in their chosen field. Honors is for students who want to get the most out of college—those who like to explore new ideas and are not afraid of a challenge. 

Why should I take Honors courses?

Honors courses challenge students to take more responsibility for their own learning, by requiring primary texts, analytic thinking, and writing, global and intergenerational cultural competency and considering areas of further work or research in the topic of the course. Honors courses meet general education requirements, so that they enhance, not replace or extend, your educational experience. 

Admission Requirements

New Students

  • Students who have applied to Ferris State University who meet two of the following three criteria are invited to apply for the Honors program:
    • Cumulative High School GPA of 3.50 or higher (on a 4.00 scale)
    • Composite ACT 25 or Combining Math and Reading SAT 1150 or higher
    • Ranked in the Top 10% of Graduating Class by GPA
  • Students who are close to meeting the criteria for invitation and have records of significant and meaningful extracurricular academic achievement (Odyssey of the Mind, Editor of Student Newspaper/Yearbook, Debate/Forensics, ect.), outstanding community service or exemplary leadership positions will be considered for invitation following individual review of those credentials by the Honors Program staff. 
  • To apply to the Honors program, each student must
    • Complete an application (Available on Ferris State University Honors Webpage), which records the student's commitment to service and leadership, as well as his or her aspiration for education.
    • And then complete one of the following:
      • Submit an essay or video
      • Attend the Honors invitational, where they participate in a demonstration class.
      • The essay/video and demonstration class are judged by Faculty. The scores are melded with the application score, as well as the standard ACT/SAT and high school GPA/ Students are then admitted by the Director, in consultation with Honors faculty. 

Transfer Students

  • 3.30 cumulative college GPA (on a 4.00 scale) in at least 12 credits, none of which are remedial or developmental classes. 
  • No academic or conduct violations at a previous institution
  • Previous membership in Honors Program, or completion of HOnors coursework, if available.
  • Honors application, which records the students' commitment to service and leadership, as well as his or her aspiration for education. 

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete 10 credit-hours in Honors coursework. Students also commit to co-curricular requirements, including service, leadership and cultural events. 

More Information

For more information, visit our website at http://ferris.edu/honors/ or contact the Honors Program office at x2216 

Required Courses
Credit Hours