2020-2021 Catalog (Current)

Nursing: RN to BSN Completion Program

Degree Type: Bachelor of Science in Nursing
College(s): College of Health Professions

Program Requirements

Nursing Rn to BSN Completion, BSN Program Checksheet


  • Major Courses and General Education Courses
  • Admission and Transfer Requirements
  • Graduation Requirements

Why Choose the RN to BSN Completion Degree?

There are many opportunities for nurses with experience and a BSN degree. Traditionally a field that provided a constant number of nursing career opportunities, health care is now growing at an unprecedented rate. Driven by technological developments, rapid advancements in disease prevention and health promotion, increased public awareness of health concerns, and a booming, aging population, this field offers you a wide variety of job openings, ranging from traditional but expanded patient care to health care administration.

Students with a diploma or associate degree in nursing and a RN license can complete Ferris' Bachelor's degree (BSN) on a part or full time basis.  

The BSN completion program is based upon a learner-centered instructional approach and builds upon your prior learning. The program reduces unnecessary repetition to minimize your investment of time and money. Designed expressly for associate degree and diploma RNs who want to further their educational growth and development.

Career Opportunities

The Ferris BSN degree equips you with the theory-based knowledge and skills to work in many of the new and expanding fields of nursing. It increases your understanding of illness prevention, health promotion and maintenance, counseling and education and rehabilitative services as they apply to a wide range of patient populations and health care delivery settings.

You will acquire the skills and the self-assurance that will qualify you for diverse career opportunities when you graduate. You will be prepared to lead health care teams, coordinate and plan nursing care for a variety of clients, collaborate with other health professionals, and make confident, independent decisions.

Nurses with BSN degrees typically earn higher salaries than ADN or diploma nurses with the additional opportunities to assume leadership roles in community and health care institutions. The BSN degree also provides the foundation for graduate nursing programs. Advanced practice nurses with education beyond the BSN can earn salaries up to $115,000 per year, depending on the specialty and location of employment.

More Information

Lori Jenema, On-line RN to BSN Advisor
College of Health Professions
Ferris State University
200 Ferris Drive
Big Rapids, MI 49307

This program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing(ACEN.)

The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing publishes a variety of nursing and nursing education materials, including a list of nursing programs and information on student financial aid. For a complete list of ACEN publications, please direct your request to:

Communications Department
Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing
3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850
Atlanta, GA
Phone: 404-975-5000
FAX: 404-975-5020

Required Courses
Credit Hours

RN to BSN Completion Program - 120 Credits

Core Curriculum for Health Professions - 11 Credits
Orientation to Medical Vocabul
The U.S. Health Care System
Safety Issues in Health Care
Statistics in Health Care
Evidence-based Health Care
*Met with RN license
Nursing Major - 65 Credits
NURS Credits from AAS - ADN or Diploma RN Program
RN to BSN Skills Acquisition
Transition Profess Nursing
Population Based Health Prom
Community Nursing
Leadership in Nursing
Nursing Capstone
Sr Capstone Leadersh Practicum
Choose one NURS elective from this list:
Pathophysiology Nurs Practice
Gerontological Nursing
End of Life Nursing Care
Transcultural Nursing
Spirituality in Nursing Care
Advanced Health Assess
Disaster Nur-Emergency Prepare
Note: A grade C or better is required in all NURS courses.

University General Education

Communication Competence - 12 Credits
English 1
English 2
Advanced Composition
Choose One:
Interpersonal Communication
Fundamentals-Public Speaking
Small Group Decision Making
Scientific Understanding - 7 Credits
Two Science Reasoning Courses from AAS in Nursing program, one with Lab
Quantitative Skills - 3-4 Credits or Proficiency Required
ACT Math sub-score of 24
*Social Awareness - 9 Credits
Choose 3 SA courses, in at least two different subject areas
One of the SA courses must be a Foundations course
One of the SA courses must be at the 200-level or higher
*Cultural Enrichment - 9 Credits
Three CE courses
One at the 200- level or higher
No more than 5 credit hours in CE activities may apply to this requirement

*Many Race-Ethnicity-Gender and Global Conciousness courses meet SA or CE requirements