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Healthcare Administration Executive Track

Degree Type: Master of Healthcare Administration
College(s): College of Health Professions

Program Requirements

Healthcare Administration Executive Track, MHA Program Checksheet


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Why Choose Master of Healthcare Administration - Executive Track? - Program Spotlight

As the health care industry continues to grow and expand, the demand for skilled health care managers and executives also increases. Employment is expected to grow faster than average with the fastest growth in home health agencies, residential care facilities and practitioners' offices and clinics. The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) degree is designed to meet the needs of today’s healthcare leadership and beyond. In the expanding, ever-changing healthcare delivery system, extensive expertise and understanding of healthcare industry business is essential, especially for those in leadership roles. This program prepares graduates with the necessary skill and knowledge to lead healthcare organizations through the use of evidence-based decision making in the areas of economics, financial management, organizational behavior and human resource management, strategic planning, and marketing, with a keen focus on quality improvement, resource efficiency, and interprofessional collaboration.


A fully online program, designed for the early to mid-careerist, the MHA degree may be completed in 2 years full-time, or up to a maximum of 5 years, part-time.  No GRE exam is requirement for admission.  Each course includes 8-10 hours of synchronous learning, in which students are required to participate in collaborative web-based sessions.  To engage students in real-world healthcare leadership experiences, the program requires active service learning opportunities including a capstone research project conducted within the healthcare setting of the student’s choice.

The program is designed in three formats:

Traditional Format – 46 credits of study including six related elective graduate credits

  • Intended for the student with less than 2 years of management and/or supervisory experience.

Executive Format – 40 credits of study

  • Intended for the student with two or more years of management and/or supervisory experience, excluding hours accumulated during an internship experience.

Accelerated Format – 46 credits of study including 6 related elective graduate credits

  • Intended for the student consecutively seeking the FSU undergraduate Health Care Systems Administration degree and the Master of Healthcare Administration degree, this format allows the student to complete both degrees in a 5-year timeline.

Career Opportunities

The term 'health services manager' encompasses individuals in many different positions including healthcare executives and administrators, who plan, organize, coordinate, and supervise the delivery of health care. These individuals lead change that aligns with current healthcare laws and regulations, as well as current trends in technology and service models to meet the needs of the community(s) they serve.   Health services managers include both generalists (administrators who manage or help to manage an entire facility or system), and health specialists (managers in charge of specific departments or services found only in the health care industry), and executives (administrators responsible for healthcare delivery systems, or the divisions within healthcare delivery systems).

Earnings of health services managers vary by type and size of facility, level of responsibility and geographic region. The May 2017 Occupational Employment and Wages Report distributed by the U.S. Department of Labor provides the following:

Medical and Health Services Managers 2018 median pay is $99,730 per year.

Job outlook:  20% (much faster than average)

More Information

Dr. Gail Bullard, Program Coordinator

Ferris State University

College of Health Professions

200 Ferris Drive

Big Rapids, MI 49307



Required Courses
Credit Hours

MHA Executive Track - 40 Credits

Leadership in Healthcare
Health Organizational Behavior
Population Health Management
Healthcare Finance Application
Quantitative Decision-making
Health Administration Law
Healthcare Strategic Planning
Healthcare Quality Management
Healthcare Informatics
Healthcare Finance Management
Healthcare Marketing
Health Economics and Policy
Capstone Experience