2020-2021 Catalog (Current)

Business Education - Marketing

Degree Type: Bachelor of Science
College(s): College of Arts and Sciences

Program Requirements

Business Education Marketing, BS Program Checksheet


  • General Education Courses, Major Courses, and Secondary Education Minor Courses
  • Admission and Transfer Requirements
  • Graduation Requirements

Why Choose Business Education - Marketing?

We are no longer admitting students to this progarm as it has been discontinued by the MDE.

Rapid technological advances have generated growing demand for marketing education teachers. Graduates can expect excellent career opportunities in secondary and vocational education as well as in the multifaceted world of government, business and industry. 

The Marketing Education program offers a balanced educational background including business professional education and general education courses combined with field and directed teaching experiences.

Career Opportunities

The Marketing Education program prepares students to teach marketing subjects at the secondary level. The Marketing Education teacher:

  • Recognizes/recalls the existence of different aspects of marketing in a variety of settings.
  • Applies broad, in-depth knowledge of the different aspects of marketing and related instructional and assessment strategies.
  • Articulates knowledge about marketing and related instructional and assessment strategies.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in using the knowledge at a fundamental level of competence acceptable for teaching.

Teacher Certification Requirements

A Marketing Education endorsement (GM) prepares a teacher to teach marketing education at the secondary level in courses aligned with the Michigan Career Pathways. Candidates completing the academic requirements of the Marketing Education program may be recommended for the certificate endorsement after passing the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification marketing education test.

As required by the State of Michigan to receive teacher certification, all teacher candidates must: (1) pass the Michigan Basic Skills Exam, (2) pass the pedagogy tests in their subject area majors and minors, and (3) have a 2.50 minimum GPA to receive teacher certification in Michigan. These state requirements are in addition to the FSU graduation requirements of your individual program.

More Information

School of Arts and Science
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Ferris State University
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Big Rapids, MI 49307-2737
Telephone: (231) 591-5361

Required Courses
Credit Hours

Marketing Major (39 credit hours)

Princ. of Financial Accounting
Principles of Advertising/IMC
Legal Environment of Business
Business Edu Teaching Methods
Professional Selling
Principles of Marketing
Consumer Behavior
International Marketing
Bus-to-Bus Digital Marketing
Applied Management
World of E-Commerce

Professional Education Sequence

Level 1
Note: Students seeking admission to teacher education candidacy must meet all university requirements for admission to the specific program they wish to enter.
Intro to the Professn of Teach
Life Span Human Growth - Devel
Principles Teaching - Learning
Level II
Note: Prior to admission to the Level II courses, students must pass all sections of the Professional Readiness Exam, complete all Professional Education Prerequisite courses with a minimum of 2.5 GPA, with no grade lower than a C (2.0), have a 2.5 cumulative GPA, and meet all other program requirements. Students may have no more than two repeats in Level I coursework.
School and Work and Society
Secondary General Methods I
Teaching Special Needs
Methods of Teaching Health/PE
Tchg Reading-Secondary Areas
Level III
Note: Prior to student teaching and professional seminar (Level III courses), students must obtain the appropriate GPA for their major/minor as established by each department, earn an overall GPA of 2.75 in the professional education courses, have a 2.5 cumulative GPA, and meet all other program requirements.
Student Teaching
FIELD EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENT: (for vocational majors only: Allied Health, Business, Technical, Wage Earning Home Economics) Two years of wage earning occupational work experience (4000 hours) (within the last five (6) years) required.
EDUC 391 optional way to earn 1000 of the required 4000 hours of work experience
Work Experience Internship
4 TO 8
NOTE: STUDENTS MUST OBTAIN THE APPROPRIATE GPA FOR THEIR MAJOR/MINOR AS ESTABLISHED BY EACH DEPARTMENT. A 2.75 GPA IS REQUIRED IN THE PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION COURSE SEQUENCE. A 2.50 CUMULATIVE GPA IS ALSO REQUIRED BEFORE STUDENT TEACHING. NOTE: Though faculty advisors are responsible for advising students regarding degree requirements, it is the student who is ultimately responsible for choosing the correct courses and for following the correct program.