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Data Analytics

Degree Type: Certificate
College(s): College of Business

Program Requirements

Data Analytics, Certificate Program Checksheet


  • Certificate Courses
  • Graduation Requirements

Why Choose a Data Analytics Certificate?

Data Analytics is a growing field that uses data to gather intelligence in business, marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, insurance, homeland security, criminal justice, education, government, healthcare, and manufacturing. Data mining turns raw data into information. This information creates knowledge used by leaders and managers to establish and achieve organizational goals and sustain a competitive advantage. For example, it assists businesses in spotting customer trends, creating customer loyalty, enhancing supplier relationships, reducing financial risk and uncovering new sales opportunities.

Organizations today face tough competitive challenges. Some challenges can be met with the competitive advantage of better knowledge. Your future employer may assign you to help create that knowledge by using sound research methods to discover knowledge hidden within vast databases. For example, you may be asked to help a team discover customer buying patterns that signal new niche markets. Or you may help discover a pattern of credit card use that points to fraud. Or you may help discover patterns of cell growth helpful in diagnosing cancer. Or you may assist a team searching for patterns of terrorist activities. Or you may help discover changing patterns of habitat growth impacting endangered species. Do you see yourself in a team working with research tools to explore vast amounts of data and information to uncover important patterns? If so, a data mining certificate will prepare you to work in a team setting to help fulfill the information needs of your employer through the application of data mining methods.

Career Opportunities 

Some career options for those who have a Data Analytics Certificate would be a predictive modeler, data analyst or a data scientist.

More Information

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Required Courses
Credit Hours
Introduction to Data Mining
Data Mining Tools
Data Mining Processes
Proj Management Fundamentals
Minimum credit hours required for certificate: