2020-2021 Catalog (Current)


Degree Type: Minor
College(s): College of Arts and Sciences

Program Requirements

Communication, Minor Program Checksheet


  • Minor Courses
  • Admission and Transfer Requirements
  • Graduation Requirements

Why Choose a Communication Minor?

A GMAC recruiter’s survey, asked employers to identify among five broad skill sets which they consider to be most important when hiring. Communication skills came out on top, followed in order by teamwork skills, technical skills, leadership skills, and managerial skills.

Look at any job posting and one of the key qualifications will be strong communication skills. With a minor in communication, you will stand above the average applicant for any job. Strong public speaking skills, great teamwork ability, and excellent interpersonal communication are only the beginning in this minor! From that start, you can focus on leadership, interviewing, and intercultural communication for a business focus. If you want to go for a more humanistic approach focus on gender, nonverbal, family, and human relations. Apply some of these skills with our persuasion and public advocacy courses and be a force in the world today. Last but not least, the workplace is ever-adapting to new technology and our social media and digital communication classes will help you be at the forefront.

Students take a core of interpersonal, presentation, and group dynamic courses, then build on this foundation by electing 9 credits of 300 level courses that are relevant to their interests or career goals. This flexibility allows students to design a minor which enhances their marketability while improving their personal communication skills in ways that can lead to greater satisfaction in their private lives. Great communicators require knowledge and skill and that is what you gain in the communication minor at Ferris State University.


More Information

ADVISOR: Cami Sanderson
PHONE: 231-591-2995

Department of Humanities
Ferris State University
1009 Campus Drive, JOH 119
Big Rapids, MI 49307
Phone: 231-591-3675

Required Courses
Credit Hours
Interpersonal Communication
Fundamentals-Public Speaking
Small Group Decision Making
Theories Human Communication
Additional COMM Courses
Need to take three communication courses 300 level or higher for a total of 9 credits.