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Business Administration

Degree Type: Master of Business Administration
College(s): College of Business

Program Requirements

Business Administration, MBA Program Checksheet


  • Major Courses and Concentration Courses
  • Admission and Transfer Requirements
  • Graduation Requirements

Why Choose the Master of Business Administration?

An MBA provides a graduate with a comprehensive perspective on management and the business environment and tools and methods to approach and successfully solve complex business challenges in the global marketplace. The Ferris MBA combines a strong core curriculum focused on key business competencies with deeper learning in a specialty the student chooses.

While MBA courses cannot replace the value of work experience, courses designed specifically with a focus on a management perspective-- managerial accounting, managerial finance, strategic management-- provide students with experience in problem solving, interpretation, case analysis, and policy development in many different business contexts. This structured learning ensures that students can apply these lessons in their work environment, maximizing the effect of education and experience.

Career Opportunities

Students prepare for careers or advancement in many fields, including health care, manufacturing, sales, and more. The core courses develop team and management skills to improve organizational performance in accounting, finance, leadership, strategy, economics, statistics, marketing, legal, the global environment, information systems, and operations.

Some foundation competencies are required however our 39-credit MBA program does not require prerequisite courses which allows us to offer a much more robust core, including Lean Systems and Data Analytics, rarely found in other MBA programs.

Students must complete one of the Concentrations or Advanced Studies Certificates as their MBA specialization:

Diversified Concentration – Students with various interests will select Business Graduate Electives which provides the opportunity to explore areas of business they may apply in their future careers.

Professional Concentration – Students who have specific career interests may work with an advisor to select a combination of existing graduate courses and/or propose independent research to customize a concentration in nearly any field of study.

Nursing ConcentrationMBA students who hold a RN license may select a 9-credit concentration from the Ferris Master of Nursing (MSN) curriculum. 

Pharmacy Concentration - Students currently enrolled in the FSU Doctor of Pharmacy Program can pursue the Ferris MBA with a 9-credit Pharmacy Concentration that consists of one pharmacy management course and a 6-credit clerkship in their choice of; Corporate Pharmacy Management, Pharmaceutical Industry, or Health Systems Pharmacy.

The Advanced Studies Certificate in Accounting will enable students to advance their knowledge and skills necessary for success in any business-related profession. The certificate provides students a comprehensive understanding of business in a global environment, research methodologies for various topics encountered in business, and reinforces the requirement to maintain ethical standards in all business relationships

The Advanced Studies Certificate in Business Intelligence is designed to prepare individuals with both theoretical and practical experience in designing, developing and utilizing database and informatics systems. Students will utilize tools and techniques including predictive, geographic, and link/visual analysis in a big data/data analytics environment.

The Advanced Studies Certificate in Design and Innovation Management prepares graduates for leadership positions in design-centered businesses. The program provides students a comprehensive understanding of the ways in which the method, measure, and language of design drive the practice of business and the process of innovation and teaches them how to cultivate and build a culture of innovation within their organization. The ASDI certificate is offered at Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids.

The Advanced Studies Certificate in Incident Response is designed to prepare individuals to secure computers, networks, and systems against intrusions and unauthorized access, test and assess security measures, and forensically analyze the environment to determine events and situations that may have occurred in a digital environment. 

The Advanced Studies Certificate in Lean Systems and Leadership delivers a comprehensive education for applying lean concepts to various industries: e.g. banks, nonprofits, offices, hospitals, restaurants, manufacturing. The classes prepare individuals to lead, manage, and evaluate a continuous improvement system in a complex work environment. This cutting edge approach will provide graduates with highly sought-after capabilities to improve operational & financial performance and monitor growth within any type of organization. 

The Advanced Studies Certificate in Performance Metrics is designed to educate students in how to appropriately measure various strategies, projects and activities with respect to effectiveness, quality and efficiency.  

The Advanced Studies Certificate in Project Management is designed to prepare individuals for careers as program, project, and portfolio managers consistent with the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge and other industry standards.  Students will study the entire project life cycle and supporting tools and technologies. 

The Advanced Studies Certificate in Supply Chain Management and Lean Logistics curriculum is designed to prepare students to analyze and provide solutions for situations involving the integrated supply chain (manufacturing, purchasing, logistics and transportation, business development and operations, et al).   The courses provide students with an ever increasing base of knowledge on how to create value added strategies.  This knowledge is exercised through the optimal application of logistics and supply chain coordination.  Future managers and executives will use this knowledge the rest of their careers. 

More Information

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Web: https://ferris.edu/MBA

Required Courses
Credit Hours

Master of Business Adminsitration - 48 Credits

MBA Core Requirements - 36 Credits
Accounting for Managers
Information Systems Strategy
Corporate Finance
Managers & the Legal Envmnt
Leadership & Org. Change
Research Methodologies
Global Business Management
Strategic Marketing Decisions
Managerial Economics
Lean Enterprise Systems
Business Strategy & Innovation
The MBA Thesis
3 TO 6

One Advanced Study Certificate Required - 12 Credits

Business Intelligence
Design & Innovation Management
Incident Response
Lean Systems and Leadership
Performance Metrics
Project Management
Supply Chain Management and Lean Logistics 

In place of a certificate a student could choose a Concentration
Nursing Concentration
Pharmacy Concentration
Professional Concentration