2020-2021 Catalog (Current)

Business-to-Business Marketing

Degree Type: Certificate
College(s): College of Business

Program Requirements

Business-to-Business Marketing, Certificate Program Checksheet


  • Certificate Courses
  • Admission Requirements
  • Graduation Requirements

Why Choose a Business-to-Business Marketing Certificate?

If you choose the business-to-business marketing certificate, you will be exposed to current theory and practice in the marketing of products and services from one business to another, including:

  • Integration of the principles of general marketing and professional selling with proven business-to-business marketing methods
  • Understanding and application of concepts related to industrial marketing, business-to-business advertising, and digital marketing
  • Demonstration of mastery of class concepts through real-world projects with business-to-business clients

Career Opportunities

Business-to-Business marketers work in advertising, marketing and digital marketing positions for industrial companies of all sizes. They also work in dynamic fields such as office furniture, software, and technology. Ferris State University is unique in its emphasis on Business-to-Business Marketing – certificate holders will find that their skills are much in demand. 

More information

Marketing Department
119 South Street/BUS 212
Big Rapids, MI 49307-2284
Phone: 231-591-2426

Required Courses
Credit Hours

Business-to-Business Certificate - 12 Credits

Professional Selling
Principles of Marketing
Additional Requirements - 6 Credits (Choose two)
Bus-to-Bus Advertising/IMC
Bus-to-Bus Digital Marketing
Industrial Marketing