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Integrative Studies

Degree Type: Associate in Arts
College(s): College of Arts and Sciences

Program Requirements

Integrative Studies, AA Program Checksheet


  • Major Courses, General Education Courses, and Elective Courses
  • Admission and Transfer Requirements
  • Graduation Requirements

Why Choose the Bachelor of Science in Integrative Studies Program? - Program Spotlight

You can make a program that is unique; it is built around your special interests and career goals. The degree represents YOU, not a prescribed group of courses that lots of other students take. It's not a curriculum designed by people who don't know you; instead it is a curriculum that you and your advisor craft together based on your unique talents and interests.  

Changing majors costs time and money, so why not start by building the foundation that underpins all degrees and in the process discover your future. This degree allows you to explore and supports your individual path of discovery. By the end of the degree you know what bachelor's degree you want and you are prepared to start it with more expertise and maturity than a traditional college freshman. 


Career Opportunities

Content knowledge is changing at such a rapid pace that we can't keep up.  Schooling has become less about "remembering" information and all about "finding and using information". Employers are looking for people who can learn on their own, who can use information and make connections, people who can work in teams and who can communicate effectively with audiences. That is the focus of this degree program. You and your community of INST students will take classes together, work collaboratively, be challenged to see the connections among the wide variety of subjects you study and develop autonomy as a learner. You will become a problem-solver and your problem-solving skills will culminate in a final thesis project that you and your advisor design around your special interests.  

More Information

Dr. Heather Pavletic
Integrative Studies Associates Program Coordinator
College of Arts and Sciences
820 Campus Drive, ASC 3076
Big Rapids, MI 49307

Required Courses
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