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Advanced Studies in Accounting

Degree Type: Graduate Certificate
College(s): College of Business

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Advanced Studies in Accounting, Graduate Certificate Checksheet


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Why Choose Advanced Studies in Accounting?

Responding to industry trends, Ferris State University's College of Business Graduate Programs has created graduate-level advanced studies certificates. These four course sequences can be used to obtain stand-alone certificates or as emphasis areas leading to master's degrees in either Information Security and Intelligence or a Master of Business Administration.

The Advanced Studies Certificate in Accounting will supplement Ferris State University's current Bachelor Degree in Accounting as well as provide depth of specific accounting related topics for individuals who do not have an undergraduate accounting degree.  This certificate will enable students to advance their knowledge and skills necessary for success in any business-related profession.  The certificate provides students a comprehensive understanding of business in a global environment, research methodologies for various topics encountered in business, and reinforces the requirement to maintain ethical standards in all business relationships. Coupled with the Ferris MBA, graduates will be prepared for leadership positions in many industries.  

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employment in business and financial occupations will rise by 10% by 2026 – faster than the average.  Analysts determined that expected globalization and complicated regulations will lead to a greater need for accounting professionals with knowledge of global issues.

Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), research has concluded that finance and accounting concentrations have ranked in the top three sought concentrations for MBA students.

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