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Lean Technology

Degree Type: Certificate
College(s): College of Engineering Technology

Program Requirements

Lean Technology, Certificate Program Checksheet


  • Major Courses and General Education Courses
  • Admission and Transfer Requirements
  • Graduation Requirements

Why Choose Lean Technology?

The Lean Technology Certificate prepares individuals to implement Lean technology principles into technical organizations. It specifically integrates Lean concepts (process efficiency), Six Sigma (process quality), and leadership techniques (employee-centric) to assist the organization in achieving and sustaining optimal employee and organization/operational performance.

Career Opportunities for Graduates in Lean Technology

If you are the type of person that likes to take a process and make it better, this certificate could be for you! Have you ever performed a task and thought it could be improved? This certificate explains how to improve tasks/processes in a reputable and successful manner. The Lean Technology certificate has been recognized as a professional development educational tool that provides the background required to optimize the operation of a technical organization. The applicability of the certificate extends to a variety of technical organizations ranging from design to manufacturing and can be of value at various levels within an organization ranging from the shop floor to the front office.

Individuals wanting to advance their careers, but not pursue a FSU bachelor degree program at this time, may earn this certificate.

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