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Highly Effective CTE Instructional Leadership

Degree Type: Certificate
College(s): College of Arts and Sciences

Program Requirements

Highly Effective CTE Instructional Leadership, Certificate Program Checksheet


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Why Choose Highly Effective CTE Instructional Leadership?

The goal of the 9 credit Advanced Graduate Certificate in Highly Effective CTE Instructional Leadership  is provide teachers with the latest research knowledge on the different programs, products, practices and policies that work in schools.  The goal is to provide CTE educators with the information they need to make evidence-based decisions to address classroom challenges and improve student success.  These same principles can be translated into effective training for business and industry as they struggle to improve the effectiveness of their training programs.


Career Opportunities for Graduates in Highly Effective CTE Instructional Leadership

This certificate will enhance the learners knowledge and may lead to increase in salary based on new skills and/or credit hours.

For More Information

Graduate Coordinator, School of Education.


Required Courses
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